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Jack Flanagan Papers, 1938-1998

Container List

Conservation Files 1941-1998 (Restricted)
43.0 linear feet
The bulk of the conservation papers are examinations, notes, reports, and estimates. The conservation files also contain correspondence, paint fragments, lining and adhesive samples, newspaper clippings on articles on works of art, owners, obituaries, and Polaroid photography. Mr. Flanagan conserved works that ranged from 15th Century wood panels to contemporary acrylic works. The artists ranged from Renaissance masters such as Bellini and Claeissens to contemporary artists such as Mark Rothko and Hans Hoffman, as well as local artists such as Robert Joy, John Biggers. Among the most extensive notes are the conservation of the MFAH´s School of Avignon panels (60.9), Van Gogh´s "The Rocks" (74.139), and Ima Hogg´s Stagecoach Inn.
Job and Photography Lists 1941-1998
3.25 linear feet
The Job and Photography Lists of the Jack Flanagan Papers cross index his conservation work, including lining records by Job number, year, artist, and the photography by owner and by negative roll number.
Job Lists by Year 1954-1992
box 1folder 11954 Jobs
21955 Jobs
31956 Jobs
41957 Jobs
51958 Jobs
61959 Jobs
71960 Jobs
81961 Jobs
91962 Jobs
101963 Jobs
111963 Jobs
121964 Jobs
131965 Jobs
141966 Jobs
151967 Jobs
161968 Jobs
171969 Jobs
181970 Jobs
191971 Jobs
201972 Jobs
211973 Jobs
221974 Jobs
231975 Jobs
241976 Jobs
251977 Jobs
251978 Jobs
261979 Jobs
box 2folder 11980 Jobs
21981 Jobs
31982 Jobs
41983 Jobs
51984 Jobs
61985 Jobs
71986 Jobs
81987 Jobs
91988 Jobs
101989 Jobs
111990 Jobs
121991 Jobs
131992 Jobs
Lining Records by Job Number, 1961-1972
box 1folder 1Lining Records, 1961-1972
Jobs listed by Artist
box 1Artist Index-Monograms; A-Donnellan
box 2Artist Index-Don-Lippi
box 3Artist Index-Livesay-Signac
box 4Artist Index-Silhavey-Z; Unknown Artists
Photography Jobs listed by negative roll number
box 1folder 1Prints and Slides by negative roll number
Materials Ordered, 1960-1997
2.25 linear feet.
This series includes notes and details on materials ordered for conservation work such as stretchers and panels, lining and mounting materials, pigments, brushes, adhesives, solvents and other equipment.
box 1folder 1Materials, 1960-1974
2Materials Ordered, 1975-1992
3Stretchers and Panels
box 2folder 1Stretchers and Panels Ordered, 1994-
2Houston Linings and Mountings to 1991
box 3folder 1Location of stretchers, materials, equipment
Financial and Legal Records (Restricted)
box 1Financial and Legal Records
Subject Files
.50 linear feet
The subject files include records such as letters of recommendation, thank you notes, notes and correspondence with colleagues, materials prepared for MFAH publications, including an article written on conservation for a 1955 MFAH Bulletin and MFAH memos and museum conservation work done by other conservators.
box 1folder 1Biltmore House
2Conservation Schedules for MFAH Annual Reports, 1960
3Examination Room List of Equipment
4Letters of recomendation/ Thank you notes
5MFAH Memos
6MFAH Bulletin with Flanagan Article
7Museum Conservation by Others
8Muskavitch, Chas
9-10Straus Collection
11Tickle, Derek
12-13White, Richard
Music Index, 1973-1989
.25 linear feet
The Music Index includes index cards of Jazz and Classical music, as well as Christmas Music.
box 1Music Index, 1973-1989
Conservation Photography, 1947-1998 (Restricted)
The Conservation Photography series includes object photography used to document conservation work, including prints, negatives, slides, transparencies, and x-rays. Common incremental photographs sometimes abbreviated were: FB-Front before [conservation], BB-Back before, BI-Before inpainting; RL-Raking light; Dt.-Details; IF-Infrared; FA-Front after; BA-Back after. There is extensive step by step conservation photography of the Beck Collection´s Van Gogh, ´The Rocks", and Jeff Wright´s "Portrait of Eramus "Deaf" Smith owned by the San Jacinto Monument.
Houston Photos, 1960-1983
.125 linear feet.
The Houston Photos include slides of Houston area installations and buildings, including the 1960 MFAH Exhibition Sculpture in Our Time and the MFAH Watkin Building and surround environs from 1968.
box 1folder 1Samuel Kress Collection Installation, c 3/1960
2MFAH Exhibition "Sculpture in Our Time", 3/04/1960-3/27/1960
3Watkin Building, Cullinan Hall and environs, 3/1968
4David Adickes´ "The Virtueso" installed in Downtown Houston, 10/1983
5DuBuffet Installed in Downtown Houston, 10/1983
Studio Photos, 1961-1990
The Studio Photos include prints, slides and negatives of Jack Flanagan and Jeanne Billfaldt´s studio as well as both posed and working in their studios.
box 1folder 6Jeanne Bilfaldt and Jack Flanagan in Conservation Studio, 01/1961
7Studio with Jeanne Bilfaldt and unidentified people, 06/11/1961
8Studio at Design Center, Houston, 09/1982
9Unidentified man behind abstract paintings, 04/1986
10Studio-Parking Garage Park IV, 07/1989
11Studio (Design Center), c 1990s
12Cleaning Pichnell, c 11/1990
Travel Photos 1958-1988
box 1folder 13Charleston, S.C., c 5/1958
14Visit to Xalapa, c 5/1960
15Rainbow Springs, FL, 6/1960
16Trip to Atlanta, 6/1960
17Trip to Georgia, c 6/1960
18Jeanne Billfaldt and Jack Flanagan in New York, c 6/1963
19Trip to New Orleans, LA-New Orleans Museum of Art, 2/16/1968
20Visit to DiBoll, TX, 3/19/1968
21AIC Conference in Cooperstown, NY & Olana, NY, 05/1974-06/ 1974
22Visit to Patzun, Guatamala, c 09/1974
23Visit to Tikal, c 09/1974
24Trip to Antigua, c 09/1974
25Visit to Pokanoe, Recoleion, c 09/1974
26AIC Banquet at Chapultepec Caste, Mexico City, 09/05/1975
27Visit to Aitlau, Banagchai, Chi-Chi, San Antonio, Guatamala, c 09/1974
28Trip to New Orleans, c 1980s
29Trip to Chicago, Art Institute of Chicago, 1982
30Trip to New Orleans, c 08/1982
31Visit to New Iberia Plantations, c 09/1982
32New Orleans area, Evergreen Plantation, c 09/1982
33New Orleans area, Evergreen Plantation, c 09/1982
34Visit to New Orleans, c 09/1982
35Visit to New Orleans, c 09/1982
36Visit to Shadows on the Teche Plantation, c 09/1982
37Trip to Chicago, IL; San Antonio, TX, 11/1982-12/1982
38Visit to Art Institute of Chicago, c 12/1982
39Visits to San Antonio, TX, 12/1982; 06/1983
40Visits to San Antonio, TX, 06/1983
41Visits to San Antonio, TX, 06/1983
42Galveston, TX, 08/1983
43Visit to San Antonio, TX, c 08/1983
44Moody House, Galveston, TX, 10/1983
45Trip to San Antonio, TX, 05/1984
46Trip to San Antonio, TX, 05/27/1984
47Trip to Austin, TX & Kerrville, TX, Summer, 1984
48Trip to Galveston for Dickens on the Strand, Landscape on the way to Dallas, 11/1984 & 12/1984
49Visit to Dallas, Dallas Museum of Art, 12/1984
50Visit to San Antonio, TX, 01/1985
51Visit to San Antonio, TX, and Saltgrass Trail Ride, Houston, TX, 01/1985 & 2/1985
52Visit to San Antonio, TX, 03/1985
53Visit to Stagecoach Inn, New Braunfels & Columbus, TX, 05/1986
54Trip to Winedale, 05/1986
55AIC in Chicago, IL, 05/1986
56Museum of Southeast Texas, Beaumont, TX, 11/1987-12/1987
57AIC in New Orleans, LA, 06/1988
58Travel to Highland Park, TX, Amon Carter Museum in Fort Worth, TX, 12/1988
Family Photos, 1960-1991
box 1folder 59Jeanne Billfaldt, 2/18/1960
60Jeanne Billfaldt, 3/3/1960
61Thomas and Mattie (pets), 3/19/1960
62Jeanne Billfaldt, 3/22/1960
63Jeanne Billfaldt, 4/18/1960
64Jeanne Billfaldt, 4/15/1960
65Zoo, 06/1960
66Henri Muth, 09/15/1960
67Christmas, c 1960s
68Jeanne Billfaldt and Jack Flanagan and others-posed portraits, 01/03/1962
69Jeanne Billfaldt, 07/14/1962
70Unidentified Woman, Cat photos, c 04/1968
71Jeanne Billfaldt and Jack Flanagan with dog, c 1970s
72Family photos with dog, 03/1971
73Family dog, c 9/1975
74Family photos with dog, 05/1982
75Pat and Ray Billfaldt with Blanche Sweet, 07/1982
76Bonnie (pet dog) on hot table, Llamas, etc, c 07/1983
77Tree in Backyard, c 07/1983
78Bonnie (pet dog) in Studio, c 05/1986
79Thanksgiving/December, 1987
80Carol´s Party, c 07/1989
81Ewing, Betty, c 1990s
82A & R Party, 11/24/1991

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