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Jana Vander Lee Archive , 1970-1995

Container List

Exhibition Files
box 1folder 1Figurative Dynamics:Art League of Houston Call for Artists
2Figurative Dynamics: Art League of Houston Contracts 1994-1995
3Figurative Dynamics: Artist Biographies
4Figurative Dynamics: Artist Biography and Slide Checklist
5 Figurative Dynamics Catalog: artist essay- Kelly Alison
6 Figurative Dynamics Catalog: artist essay- Wayne Gilbert Essay 1995
7Figurative Dynamics Catalog: artist essay- Keith Hollingsworth Essay
8Figurative Dynamics Catalog: artist essay- Ron Hoover Essay
9Figurative Dynamics Catalog: Final Version 1995
10Figurative Dynamics Catalog: Introduction Essay 1995
11Figurative Dynamics Catalog: Introductory Essay Draft 2
12Figurative Dynamics Catalog: Introduction Essay Draft 3
13Figurative Dynamics Catalog: Proofs and Transparencies 1995
14Figurative Dynamics: Correspondence 1991-1995
16Figurative Dynamics: Mailing List
17Figurative Dynamics: Mailing List 2
18Figurative Dynamics: Miscellaneous Files
19Figurative Dynamics: Miscellaneous Files
20Figurative Dynamics: Opening Reception After party
21Figurative Dynamics: Photos of Artists and Installation Opening 1995
22Figurative Dynamics: Press Release 1995
23Figurative Dynamics: Proposal
25Figurative Dynamics: Related Miscellaneous Clippings
26Figurative Dynamics: Related Miscellaneous Ephemera 1974
27Figurative Dynamics: Research and Draft 1992
28Figurative Dynamics: Slides and Installation
box 2folder 1Houston Figurative Art: Catalogue- Artist Essays
2Houston Figurative Art: Catalogue- Artist Essays 2
3Houston Figurative Art: Catalogue 1984
4Houston Figurative Art: Catalogue- Correspondence 1983- 1985
5Houston Figurative Art: Catalogue- Draft
6Houston Figurative Art: Catalogue - Draft 2
7Houston Figurative Art: Catalogue- Raw Copies- including Draft and Artist Essays
8Houston Figurative Art: Catalogue- Research and Biographies 1972-1984
box 3folder 1Sculpture ´86: Artists 1986
2Sculpture ´86: Artist Entries Correspondence
3Sculpture ´86: Artist Entries
4Sculpture ´86: Artist Entries Late 1986
8Sculpture ´86: Bette Clair McMurray Foundation 1984-1986
9Sculpture ´86: Brochures and Labels
10Sculpture ´86: Business Volunteers for the Arts 1985
11Sculpture ´86: Call of Artists to show at Sculpture ´86
12Sculpture ´86: Clippings 1982-1986
13Sculpture ´86 : Contact List
14Sculpture ´86: Contracts 1986
15Sculpture ´86: Correspondence 1983-1986
16Sculpture ´86: Correspondence 2 1986
17Sculpture ´86: Correspondence 3 1983-1987
18Sculpture ´86: Ephemera
19Sculpture ´86: Exhibition Location: The City of Houston George Herman Park: Correspondence
20Sculpture ´86: Exhibition Location: The City of Houston George Herman Park: Draft of Symposium Catalogue
21Sculpture ´86: Exhibition Location: The City of Houston George Herman Park: Installation Logistics 1986
23Sculpture ´86: Exhibition Location: The City of Houston George Herman Park: Plan
24Sculpture ´86 Exhibition Location: The Lake on Post Oak
25Sculpture ´86: Exhibition Location: Water wall Park
26Sculpture ´86: Grant Applications 1985-1987
27Sculpture ´86: ICS Correspondence
28Sculpture ´86 :ICS Groundwork
29Sculpture ´86: ICS News clippings
30Sculpture ´86: ICS Proposal
32Sculpture´ 86: June 29th Committee Meeting 1985
36Sculpture ´86: Miscellaneous
37Sculpture ´86 Performance Art: Morning Coffee at Mae´s CafĂ© Sandy Ferguson Taylor
38Sculpture ´86 Performance Art: The Orange Show, Correspondence 1982-1985
39Sculpture ´86 Performance Art: The Orange Show, Ephemera 1982-1985
40Sculpture ´86 Performance Art: The Orange Show, News Clippings 1982- 1985
41Sculpture ´86 Performance Art: Stages Repertory Theatre 1986
42Sculpture ´86 Planning: Ephemera
43Sculpture ´86 Planning: Miscellaneous
44Sculpture ´86 Planning: Research
45Sculpture ´86 Planning: Schedule of Events
46Sculpture ´86: Press Releases 1986-1987
47Sculpture ´86: Press/Coverage 1986-1987
48Sculpture ´86: Progress Reports # 1-5
49Sculpture´ 86: 2nd Progress Report
50Sculpture ´86: Publicity 1984
51Sculpture ´86: Sculpture Information Requests 1986
52Sculpture ´86: Statements of Purpose 1985-1986
53Sculpture ´86 Symposium: Museum of Fine Arts Houston: Correspondence
54Sculpture ´86 Symposium: Museum of Fine Arts Houston: Draft
55Sculpture ´86 Symposium: Museum of Fine Arts Houston: Plan
56Sculpture ´86 Symposium: Museum of Fine Arts Houston: Space This Time Essay
57Sculpture ´86 Symposium: Transco Energy Company: Correspondence
58Sculpture ´86 Symposium: Transco Energy Company: Miscellaneous
59Sculpture ´86 Workshops: General Information
box 4folder 1A Sense of Spirit: Arconsanti
2A Sense of Spirit: Artist Resumes 1973- 1981
3A Sense of Spirit: Biographies
4A Sense of Spirit: CACH Grant 1981-1982
5A Sense of Spirit: Catalogue Manuscript
6A Sense of Spirit: Catalogue Proof 1980- 1981
7A Sense of Spirit: Catalogue Sales
8A Sense of Spirit: Color Separation Photos: Clyde Connell, Dorothy Hood ( missing), Bert Long, Jana Vander Lee Jesse
9A Sense of Spirit: Correspondence 1981-2014
10A Sense of Spirit: Clyde Connell Photos
11A Sense of Spirit: Complimentary Catalogues Feb.1982- Jan. 1983
12A Sense of Spirit: Complimentary Catalogues Dec. 1981- Feb. 1982
13A Sense of Spirit: Complimentary Catalogues Dec. 1981
14A Sense of Spirit: Essay- Clyde Connell
15A Sense of Spirit: Essay- Dorothy Hood
16A Sense of Spirit: Essay- Jana Vander Lee
17A Sense of Spirit: Essay- Bert Long
18A Sense of Spirit: Essay- Jesse Lott
19A Sense of Spirit: Essay- Earl Stanley
20A Sense of Spirit: Essay-James Surls
21A Sense of Spirit: Essay- De Wolff
22A Sense of Spirit: Financial Correspondence 1981
24A Sense of Spirit: Financial Budget
25A Sense of Spirit: Fundraising 1980-1982
26A Sense of Spirit: Dorothy Hood Photos
27A Sense of Spirit: Installation Checklist 2014
28A Sense of Spirit: John Perreault
29A Sense of Spirit: Jana Vander Lee Photos
30A Sense of Spirit: Jesse Lott Photos
32A Sense of Spirit: Bert Long´s Ice Sculpture Feb. 1982
33A Sense of Spirit: Bert Long Photos
34A Sense of Spirit: Miscellaneous
35A Sense of Spirit: Newspaper Articles 1970-2013
36A Sense of Spirit: Photos exhibited at TCU
37A Sense of Spirit: Publicity 1981-1982
38A Sense of Spirit: Reviews 1981-1982
39A Sense of Spirit: Earl Staley Photos
40A Sense of Spirit: Statement of Purpose
41A Sense of Spirit: James Surls Photos
42A Sense of Spirit: Tour-Museums Contacted 1981- 1982
43A Sense of Spirit: Texas Commission Correspondence 1980-1981
44A Sense of Spirit: Texas Commission (Not Signed) 1981
45A Sense of Spirit: Texas Commission Planning
46A Sense of Spirit: Texas Survey, Contracts, Copyright 1981-1982
47A Sense of Spirit: Dee Wolff Photos
box 5folder 1Frank Martin: Exhibition and Tribute 1 1994-1998
2Frank Martin: Exhibition and Tribute 2
3Frank Martin: Frank At First
4Nine in Fiber: Houston 1990
5Shigeko Speak 1989
Publication Files
box 6folder 1Artspace: Essay- Abanknowicz 1983-1984
2Artspace: Essay- Clyde Connell/Gael Stack Correspondence 1983
3Artspace: Essay- Clyde Connell/Gael Stack Ephemera
4Artspace: Essay- Clyde Connell/Gael Stack Hinged on Time draft Fall 1983
5Artspace: Essay- Clyde Connell/Gael Stack- News clippings
6Artspace: Essay- Clyde Connell/Gael Stack- Photographs
7Artspace: Essay- Houston Figurative Art Winter 1983
8Artspace: Essay- Max Pruneda and Bob Camblin (Unpublished) 1984
9Artspace: Essay- Max Pruneda and Bob Camblin Correspondence
10ArtSpace: Essay- Texas Art: Hot and Heavy Fall 1982
11ArtSpace: Essay- Texas Sculpture: Import/Export Winter 1982
12ArtSpace: Essay- The Workings of Necessity 1983- 1985
13ArtSpace: Reviews of Charles Schorre, Ibsen Espada, Earl Staley, and Dorothy Hood 1983-1984
14ArtSpace: Spring Issue 1987-1990
15ArtSpace: Summer 1983 Draft 1981-1983
15ArtSpace: Summer 1983 Draft 1981-1983
15ArtSpace: Summer 1983 Draft 1981-1983
box 7folder 1i.e.: Benefit Premiere Issue and General Correspondence 1991
2i.e.: Copy Fall 1991
3i.e.: Correspondence 1991-1995
4i.e.: Entry Information Stationary
5i.e.: Ephemera
6i.e.: Fall 1992
7i.e.: Fall/Winter 1993
8i.e.: Magazine articles research
9i.e.: News clippings
11i.e.: Premiere Issue: 1991
12i.e.: Spring 1992
13i.e.: Spring 1993
14i.e.: Spring 1994
15i.e: Studies in Dream Time News Release December 1993
16i.e: Subscription/Part Lists 1993
17i.e.: Summer 1991
18i.e.: Summer 1992
19i.e.: Summer 1993
20i.e.: Winter 1992-1993
box 8folder 1In Art: Mark Diamond: Double Edge May 1987
2In Art: Carolyn Florek: Flourishing October 1987
3In Art: Floyd Museum 1986
4In Art: Houston Weavers June 1986
5In Art: March 1988
6In Art: Musik/Strohl Reconsiderations: Noguchi, Stanley, And Bott
7In Art: Tacey Tajan: Full Focus June 1987
8In Art: Third Coast or 3rd rate
9In Art: Sculpture ´86 1986
box 9folder 1Siren: April 1990 Issue
2Siren: August 1990 Issue
3Siren: Essay- Earlie Hudnall May/June 1992
4Siren: February 1991 Issue
5Siren: December 1990 Issue
6Siren: October 1990 Issue (Missing)
7Siren: July 1990 Issue
8Siren: June 1990 Issue
9Siren: March 1991 Issue
10Siren: May 1990 Issue
11Siren: May 1991 Issue
12Siren: November 1990 Issue
13Siren: On View: Four A Change
14Siren: September/October 1991 Issue
15Siren: September 1990 Issue
box 10folder 1Art Voices: 1981
2Art Voices: Related Clippings
3CAM: ArtTex-Net
4Houston Press: 1990
5Lone Stars/Texas Sculptors International Sculpture 1985
6Public News: April 25,1990
7Public News/Articles related Clippings
8SLS: ArtTex Net 1997
9Transportation Summer 1997 ArtTex Net 1997

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