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Manfred Heiting Papers, Subject Files, 1965-2007

Container List

Subject Files
Subject Files: Professional
box 1folder 1American Express, travel related services management team certificates, 1984-1986
2-9American Express, Expression 1986-1995
2correspondence, 1986-1990
3correspondence, 1991
4correspondence, 1992-1994
5correspondence, Van Soest (printing and publishing), 1995
6magazine, ephemera,
8policy, planning, 1992
9Pressespiegel, 1994
10-22Photokina 1981-2002
10correspondence, 1981-1982
11correspondence, Centre Canadien d´architecture, 1982
12correspondence, Sheeler, Charles, 1982
13correspondence, 1985-2000
14correspondence, 2002
15Drtikol book, 1982
See also artist files.
16faxes, 2002
Some with responses.
17katalog, 1986
18-22miscellaneous, 1982, 1992, 1994, 2002
23NASA, 1985-1986
box 2folder 1-8Photokina 1981-2002
1Pressarbeit, 1986
2-3press clippings, 1996
4Polaroid (at Photokina), 1998
See also Polaroid files.
5Projeck Bilderszene, 2002
6Quo vadis fotografie?, 2000
7Treffpunkt der Bildermacher, 2002
9-22Polaroid 1965-2004
9-10Annual Meeting of Stockholders, 1976
11-12Annual Meeting of Shareholders, 1977
13Annual Meeting of Shareholders, 1978
14Annual Meeting of Shareholders, 1980
15-18Annual report, 1965, 1975, 1976. 1977
19The Big Picture, 1988
20Close-up, vol 5, no 2 and vol 9, no 1 1974, 1978
21-22Distributor Meeting, 1966
box 3folder 1-17Polaroid 1965-2004
1-3Distributor Conference, 1978
4EUROM, 1978
8Image Management
9international collection, 1981-1982
10-11international meeting, 1975
12manufacturing tour, 1981
13miscellaneous, 1981-2001
14NAPM/Photokina, 1978
15One-step photography, by Land, Rogers and Walworth, 1977
16Photokina, 1994
17Photokina, 1998
box 4folder 1-12Polaroid 1965-2004
1Phokina exhibits circa 1993
2Photokina, 2000
3Polaroid Pro
4Polavision (instant movies)
5printing, international report, 1975
6Simian, George, photographs, 1979
7600 System, circa 1981
8600 System photographs
9Taschen Polaroid book, 2004
10-11technical information, 1970s - 1980s
12technical information, Henry Wilhelm, 1970s - 1980s
Subject Files: Museums and Nonprofit Institutions
box 1folder 1August Sander Archiv, 1992-1995
2August Sander Archiv, 1994-1998
3August Sander Archiv, 1999-2002
4August Sander Archiv, Landscape Photographs exhibition, January 15 - March 28, 1999
5The Annenberg Foundation, Photography Initiative Working Group, 2006
6-15Aperture Foundation, 1987-2001
6book draft contract, 1994
7catalogue, 35th anniversary
8correspondence, 1991-1994
9Distribution Agreement, 1987
10financial information, sales, 1993-1994
11management structure
12miscellaneous, 2001
13publications, 1994-1995
14royalty statements, 1990-1992
15Strand prints/Sudek prints, 1988-1993
16The Art Institute of Chicago, 1987-1995
17Arts and Artists International, Object and Image: Man Ray, African Art and the Modernist Lens, circa 2006
18Association of International Photography Art Dealers, Washington, D.C., 1994-2006
box 2folder 1Berlin University of the Arts, Blossfeldt Sammlung
2Bibliotheque Nationale de France, 1998-2005
(Le Gray exhibition, 2000-2001)
3Capi-Lux Alblas Stichting (Foundation) clippings
4Capi-Lux Alblas Stichting correspondence, 1989-1991
5Capi-Lux Alblas Stichting essays, notes (in Dutch)
6Capi-Lux Alblas Stichting essays, interviews (in Dutch)
7Capi-Lux Alblas Stichting essays, interviews (in English)
8Capi-Lux Alblas Prijs (prize), general information
9-12Center for Creative Photography 1976-2007
9The Archive: Index, 1976-1994
10Board, 1996-1999
11Board, 2000-2001
12Board, 2002-2004
box 3folder 1-13Center for Creative Photography 1976-2007
1Board, 2005-2006
3collections, photographic archives, 1995-1996
4conservation reports, 2006
5correspondence, 1995-1996
6correspondence, 1997-2000
7correspondence, 2001-2007
9five year plan and vision of opportunities, 2001-2003
10Harry Callahan book emails, 2005
11member welcome letter, 1996
12miscellaneous notes, circa 1990s - 2001
13news releases, 2000-2003
14Centre Georges Pompidou, 1997-1998
15c/o Berlin, 2010
box 4folder 1Czech Press Photo, 2000
2-21Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Photographie (DGPh) 1987-2006
2Bestatigung, 2003-2004
3-8correspondence, 1987-2006
10Der Dr. Erich Salomon Preis
11Der Dr. Erich Salomon Preis, Barbara Klemm, 1989
1250 Jahre Deutsche Photographie, Zwischen Wissenschaft und Kunst, November 2001
1350 Jahre Deutsche Photographie, 2001
1450 Jahre Deutsche Photographie, In Der Zeit, 2001
15-1750 Jahre Deutsche Photographie, 2001
18Der Kulturpreis der DGPh
19-20Kulturpreis, 1990,1996
21meeting, September 5, 1996
box 5folder 1-11Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Photographie (DGPh) 1987-2006
1-5meetings, 1998-2004
(September 1998, September 1999, November 2001, November 2003, October 2004)
6membership rosters, 1996,1998
7press releases and clippings
8Programm der Kulturpreis — Verleihung, 1990
9Sektion Geschichte
10Seventh International Vilem Flusser Symposium: Fur eine Philosophie der Fotografie: Idee und Wirkung, November 1998
11Tatigkeitsbericht, 2001-2002
12-19Deutsches Centrum Fur Photographie, 1999-2004
121999-2000 (founding)
15clippings, 2000-2001
16concept and planning, 2000-2001
17final report, June 2000
(Projektleiter: Manfred Heiting.)
18plans, drawings, circa 2003
19Projekt: Wissenschaftliches Kompetenzcentrum und Schule des Sehens, 2000
20Photo Research, European Society for the History of Photography, 2010 (no. 14)
box 6folder 1-16Fotografie Forum Frankfurt 1984-1996
1accounts/finance, 1984-1990
2art objects, photographs and postcards, 1990-1994
3-11correspondence, 1984-1996
12-16ephemera, brochures, 1982-1990
box 7folder 1-10Fotografie Forum Frankfurt 1984-1996
1-4ephemera, brochures, 1991-1996
5Jan Kesner Fine Arts, 1986-1990
6Mediterranees, 1991-1992
7meeting, April 1993
10statute, 1994
11Fotografie Forum International, 1999-2002
12Fotografie Forum International, ephemera, 1997-2005
13-15Fotografie Museum Amsterdam (FOAM), 2000-2003
box 8folder 1-15Fotografie Museum Amsterdam (FOAM), 1999-2007
2-5beleidsplan (business plan), 2001-2005
6clippings, 2000 and undated
7ephemera, 2002-2004
8financials, 2003
9magazine, #10, Spring 2007
(Includes Heiting interview. Additional copies at Hirsch Library.)
10-12meetings, 2002-2003
13report, October 1999
14Fotomuseum Winterthur
15Fotomuseum Winterthur, August Sander exhibition, 2002
box 9folder 1Friends of Photography, 150 Years of Photography, 1939-1989, 1989
2Galleria d´Arte Moderna Bologna, 2001
3Galleria d´Arte Moderna Bologna: Natura della Natura Morta, 2001-2002
4-14George Eastman House 1993-2008
clippings, 2004
4-8board, 2004-2008
10Board Member´s handbook, 2005
11clippings, 2004
12communications and visitor services committee, 2005-2007
13conservation committee, 2004-2007
box 10folder 1-12George Eastman House 1993-2008
2financial statements, 2003
3library acquisitions committee, 2004-2007
4Menschel Library
5-7Menschel Library book, 2005-2008
8Menschel Library book, structure
10motion picture acquisitions committee vision statement, 2004
11motion picture acquisitions committee, 2007
12photography acquisition committee, 2005-2007
box 11folder 1George Eastman House, A Report on a Capital Campaign Planning Study, July 2004
2George Eastman House, Seeing Ourselves: Masterpieces of American Photography, 2007
3George Eastman House, strategic plan undated
4(Solomon R.) Guggenheim Museum, 1994-1999
5Hasselblad Foundation, Supplement, 2003
6House of Photographic Art (HOPA), 1999
7The Huntington Library: Art Collections and Botanical Gardens, 2001
Contains glass slides — handle with care!
8-12Imogen Cunningham Trust, 1975-2003
8correspondence, 1999-20003
9Declaration of Trust, 1975
10holdings at other institutions, 1992
14International Center of Photography (ICP) correspondence, 1991-1993, 2005, 2008
15ICP ephemera
box 12folder 1-3ICP, Helmut Newton: work September 2001
Includes correspondence from the Newtons.
4ICP, W. Eugene Smith Memorial Fund, 1990-2005
5ICP, 2007
6-11J. Paul Getty Museum, 1994-2008
6catalogue records, 1994
7Man Ray, 1999
8miscellaneous, circa 1990s
Includes correspondence.
10-11photographic council, 2005-2008
box 13folder 1-4J. Paul Getty Museum, research library council, 2006-2008
5Kunsthalle in Emden, 2001
5Kunsthalle Wien
6Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen, K20/K21, 2005
7Los Angeles County Museum of Art, 1996-2009
8Maria Austria Instituut (MAI)
9The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, 1998-2003
(Ephemera, press releases, miscellaneous information.)
10Moholy-Nagy, Laszlo, Projektbeschreibung, 1998
11Musee d´Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris, 2000
12-15Museum Folkwang, Essen, Fotografische sammlung, 1989-2001
box 14folder 1Museum of Contemproary Photography, Columbia College, Chicago, 1989-2002
2Museum of Fine Arts Boston, 2001-2002
3Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, 1995-2003
5Museum of Modern Art (MOMA), 1993-2004
6-19Museum of Modern Art (MOMA), Atget deaccessioning
box 15folder 1Museum of Modern Art (MOMA), ephemera
2Museum of Photographic Arts, ephemera, 2003
(Heiting lecture, 2003.)
3Museum of Radio and Television
4Museum voor Fotografie, Antwerp
5-19Museums and nonprofit organizations (Grouped geographically, then arranged by name of country or region.)
7Europe (other)
14Moscow (Russia)
15The Netherlands
17Spain and Portugal
18United Kingdom
19United States
box 16folder 1-2United States
3National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C., 1990-2007
4National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C., acquisitions
5National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C., ephemera
6National Gallery of Canada, photographic collection
7National Portrait Gallery and Hamilton Gallery, 2000-2001
(exhibition loan agreement, correspondence.)
8Nederlands fotoarchief
9Nederlands fotomuseum, Blauwdruk voor het, 2001
10NFg Nieuwsbrief, 2007
11NFI news (nederlands foto institute), 1998, 1999, 2002
12Philadelphia Museum of Art, 1993-2002
13Photo Alliance, 2004
14-15Rheinisches Landesmuseum Bonn, 1997
16Rijksdienst Beeldende Kunst, 1989
box 17folder 1-4Rijksdienst Beeldende Kunst, 1989
5-7Rijksmuseum correspondence, 1996-2002
box 18folder 1Rijksmuseum ephemera
2The Royal Photographic society of Great Britain, 1998-2000
3Staatliche Museem zu Berlin, 1999-2003
4Stedelijk Museum, 2001-2002
5SK Stiftung Kultur, 1999-2002
(See also August Sander Archiv, this subseries, and Media Park Koln, subject files series.)
6-7SK Stiftung Kultur, Tatigkeitsbericht, 1997 and 1998
8SK Stiftung Kultur: Wall, Jeff: Balance of Distance — Images of Landscapes/Bilder von Landschaften, 1999
8Smithsonian: National Museum of American History, 2008
9Tate (Modern, Liverpool, publishing), 2001-2002
10Van Gogh Museum, 2001
11Victoria and Albert Museum, 2001
12Whitney Museum of American Art, 2000-2004
13-14World Press Photo, 1998-2004
15Ydessa Hendeles Foundation, 1996-1999
Subject Files: Conferences and Events
box 1folder 1Amsterdam Photo, 1981
2Amsterdam Photo, 1982
3Antiquarian Book Fair, 39th California International, 2006
4Art Basel, 1973-2003
(History, timeline.)
5Art Brussels, 2003
6Art Koln, 1991, 2001
7The Association of International Photography Art Dealers, Fifth Annual International Fine Art Photography Exposition, 1984
8The Association of International Photography Art Dealers, The Photography Show, 2006
9BFF Kongress, 2003
10Das Bild Forum, presseinformation, 2001
11Book Fair (Buchmesse), 1997
(Image Management, 1996-1997.)
12DG Bank Kulturforderung Programm, 2001
13ephemera, miscellaneous
14Exhibition of Contemporary Photography, Philadelphia, 1932, 1933
15Exposition Internationale de la Photographie et du Cinema, 1933
(Photocopy of program.)
16Fotofest, 1993
17Fotofestival Naarden, 1993-1993, 1999-2001
18Fotografie Biennal Rotterdam, 1990
19The Fourth Wall: an international exhibition on the theatrical aspects in photography, 1989
20Fujifilm Euro Press Awards, Barcelona, 2002
21German photography exhibition, lists and framing, 1997
box 2folder 1Institut Heidersberger, 2004
2International Antiquarian Book and Print Fair, Berlin, 2008
3International Photography Congress, 1988, 1990
4Kunst and Recht, Euroforum Konferenz, 1998
5Lagerfeld, Karl (exhibition), 1996
6Magnum Photo Annual Photographers´ Meeting, Paris, June 2002
7Man Ray, Galleries Nationales du Grand Palais, une exposition du Centre Georges Pompidou, 1998
8New York City, 11 September 2001, Galerie le Manege, Fotografien von James Nachtwey III, 2001-2002
9Palm Springs Photo Festival, 2007
10Paris Photo, 1999-2000
11Paris Photo, 2006
12Le Photojournalisme aux Encheres, 2001
13-15Photo L.A., 2004, 2005, 2006
16Pingyao International photography Festival ´02, September 2002
17Prague Summit on the Future of Photography, 1997
box 3folder 1-4Rencontres Internationales de la Phtographie (Rencontres d´Arles), 1989-1999
6report, 2002
112003, awards
12Sponsored Media Instituut, 1992
13Various events, miscellaneous information, 1994-2007
14Visualismus — Visualistik: Bildkunst and Bildwissenschaft im Dialog, November 1997
Subject Files — MS58:03
box 1folder 1110 Modern Prints
2African Art at MOMA
3-4Amsterdam "mainport" voor de beeldcultur, 1990
5Antiquarian and Secondhand Booksellers in Amsterdam
6Antiquariate in Berlin, Antiquarian and Secondhand Book Dealers Directory, 2005-2006
7Appraisal (Butachten), Dr. Enno Kaufhold, 2006
8archive materials
9Art Matters: how the Milwaukee Art Museum built a great building but lost its way, by Tom Bamberger, undated
10The Art of Abstract Photography (Die Kunst der Abstrakten Fotografie), 2002
(Gottfried Jaeger, ed.)
11-23At the Still Point
11-12book launch
13-15correspondence, 1995, 1998-2000
16correspondence, 1996
(Heiting letter, delivered with books.)
17correspondence, thank yous, 1996
18Enyeart, James L, American Modernism Essay, 1998-2000
19Hungarian Photography between the Wars, 1998
(Translation by Jenifer Blakemore.)
20Hungarian Photography between the Wars, 1998
(Annie-Laure Wanaverbecq.)
22Wilfried Wiegant, New Objectivity in Germany, 2000
(Virginia A. Heckert.)
23Wilfried Wiegant, A Watchmaker´s Precision: Photography and Magic Realism in Germany, 1998-1999
box 2folder 1Baltermants (Dmitri) Archiv, 2002
2Bast, marketing communication
3Bayer, Herbert, collection, 1996
4Berliner Festspiele, Berliner Galerie, 1993
5-7book catalogues
8book catalogues, Nazraeli Press
9book collection
10-13Boersenverien, Buchmesse Frankfurt, 1995-1999
14Bundestag Project, 1998-1999
15Bundestag Project, 50 Jahre Deutscher Bundestag, 1998-2000
16business receipts and quotes, 2000
box 3folder 1calendar, 2001
2calendar, 2004
3-7Camera Work AG, 2002-2008
9CARO Restaurierung und Technologie (Charite Berlin), 2001
10Christie´s I notebook, auction results, 1990-1996
(Note: Christie´s and other auction catalogues in collection have been sent to Hirsch and will be marked in the catalogue as part of the Heiting collection.)
11-21clippings, undated or date not found through 1999
(Clippings specifically about Heiting and his collection may be found in MS58:03.7, biographical subseries.)
box 4folder 1-8clippings, 2000-2008
(Clippings specifically about Heiting and his collection may be found in MS58:03.7, biographical subseries.)
9color prints, ultra stable permanent, 1991
10conservation and analysis, 1997
11conservation: Arche, 1996
12-20Constantiner, Leon and Michaela (Helmut Newton art collection)
box 5folder 1contests
5Corbis images
6Cunningham, Imogen (photos of first article, 1910) 2001 (1910)
7Curatorial Assistance, Inc. traveling exhibitions
9Daido Moriyamai: Stray Dog, by Sandra S. Phillips
10-15Degrees of Stillness
10art objects
11clippings, reviews
12correspondence, 1998
13layout with edits, 1998
14lists and framing information, 1998
15materials, framing and shipping, 1998
16-21Diaspora: homelands in exile: Frederic Brenner, 2001-2003
(exhibition, book, CD/DVD, website, films.)
box 6folder 1-3Diaspora: homelands in exile: images
4doctoral dissertation: ein blik op vervreemding: Amerika door de ogen van William Klein, Robert Frank, Diane Arbus en Gary Winogrand, by Tanja Wallroth, 1993
5Dolron, Desire, interview by Manfred Heiting, 2003
6DRK — Bildsuchdienst ´75
7Drtikol, 1991
(See also MS58:01, artist files.)
8Druck Concept, 1997-1998
9Druck Concept, quotes for Michael Pauseback, 1998
10-11DZ Bank Collection, 2002
11Edwin H. Land Medal
12ephemera (on cameras)
box 7folder 1ephemera
2Esprit Scholengroep, 2008
3European Photography, Art Magazine, 1996
4Excom, Michael Pauseback, 1998-2000
5-9exhibition catalogues
5Becher, Bernd and Hilla: Basic Forms, 2008
6Eggleston, William, 1999-2000
7Fenton, Roger: All the Mighty World, 2005
8Gest, Ben, circa 2004
9Miller, Richard Copeland, Passage: Europa
10The Family of Man press packet, 1994
11Felix Meritis European Centre for Arts, Culture and Science Project, 2000
12-13Forest, Geoffrey: Photoszene, photos of gallery directors, museum directors, critics, business people (including Heiting)
14Fotonews 5/08, Sonderheft Fotobuck (special edition), 2008
15framing, 1998
16Frankfurter Allgemeine Magazin, 1998,1999
17Die Freudianer (book by Gidal, Tim), Internationalen Psychoanalytischen Kongress, 1934, Luzern, 1990
1815 (Junge) Fotografen stellen sich vor, 1991
box 8folder 1Galerie Fotomania, 1989
2The Glitter Guitar
3L Grand Album, interventions photographiques, 2000
4Griffin Contemporary, layouts, artist book exhibition, 2006
5Gruber, Prof. L. Fritz, 1990-1994
(Includes transparencies.)
6Gruber: My Visit to Alvin Langdon Coburn in Wales, 1998
7Gruber: Photographie als bekenntnis (Second copy in Hirsch Library, MFAH.)
8Gruber: Uber den Sammler Manfred Heiting, 1998
9Hansen, Al, 1996
10Hartkamp, Bert (Lambertus)
11Hartkamp, Bert, Infoto — International Foto Forum (Geoffrey Forest), 1986-1993
12Hartkamp, Bert, Damokles — KRO radio program, 1988
12Hasselblad Center: Open Book Exhibition, 2004
(3 folders)
13Heath, Dave: A Dialogue with Solitude book project, 1999-2001
14Heiting, Patrick Cooper: A Dutch Documentary Photography, 1992
15Hommage a Prague
16Honnef, Klaus and Frank Weyers: und sie haben Deutschland verlassen mussen, Fotografen und ihre Bilder, 1928-1977
17-18Horst P. Horst archives, 2002
19Horst estate, 2001
box 9folder 1IDEA Books: Mostra Fotografica, Storie di terra
2IDEA Books
3images, photocopies of proof sheets (Ferns, flowers, stems and seed pods, undated.)
4informationsdienst Kunst der Brancherbrief, 2003
5Infoto, 1989-1992
6insurance list, Heiting collection
7International Photo Magazine, 1989
(title from Heiting´s file folder label)
10invoices, 1982-1999
10Japanese Photo Book notes,, 2009
12Komed (Kommunikations und Medienzentrum in Media Park Koln), 1996-1997
(Image Management.)
13Lange, Dorothea: Documentary Film, Katahdin Foundation and Raven Rouge Productions, 2007
14-15Lead Awards, press clippings, 1998
16Leica book, 1989-1990
17Das lexicon der Fotografen, 2002
18library (Heiting) binding sample, 2002
18Lisette Model book and agreement, 2009-2010
19El Lissitzky exhibition, 1998-1999
20Lumas, 2004
21Lunn, Harry, 1998
21Malibu home
box 10folder 1Man Ray Collection (Renate and L. Fritz Gruber), 1990
1Man Ray Collection (Renate and L. Fritz Gruber), 1990
2-3Man Ray exhibition, 1997
4-6Man Ray, Taschen book, 1999-2000
7Mattheij, Peter J.H., essay, 1988
8Max Magazin, 1997-1998
(Article about Heiting and Heiting Collection.)
9The Mechanic and Chemist, Ken and Jenny Jacobson
10-11MediaPark Koln, circa 1997
(See also Pauseback.)
12-14Merewether, Charles: Liza Ryan mock-up with notes, 2000
15Meritis, Felix, design
16Nash Editions, Fine Art Digital Printmakers
17Neumann & Vettin B.V., shipping, customsbroker, circa 2000
18Newton, Helmut: Tokyo exhibition, 2002
19notes (Unrelated to other subjects, or subject unknown, undated.)
20NovaConcept, 1996-1997
21Novy Les Association, 2000
box 11folder 1Olympus exhibition, 2000
2onsErfdeel, 44e jaargang, nummer 3, 2001
4Oracle XX, 2002
5Paris Photo, Temps de Pose, 2001
6-7Pauseback, Dr. Michael, 1997-1999
(Consulting, MediaPark 2 Koln.)
8Penn "Drawing Book," 1997-1998
(Irving Penn Studio, Inc.)
9PhotoCollect, Virtual Gallery, 1996?
10The Photograph Collector (newsletter), 1993, 2001-2002
10Photo News, 2009
11Photo Plaza Amsterdam, 1998
12POL, 1982-1984
13Popov, Yevgeny (The Zone, on the age of confusion, undated.)
14Portretten & Stillevens, 2000-2001
Still Lifes & Portraits.)
15press releases (pressespiegel), 1996
(Spiral bound.)
16press releases, various
17Prix Lucien Herve et Rodolf Herve, Guillaume Herbaut, 2004
18Proag, 1998-1999
19-20publications, catalogues and offerings
box 12folder 1publications, correspondence re, 1992-2003
1publications, correspondence re, 1992-2003
2publications, Eric Chaim Kline Booksellers, 2007-2008
3publications, Nazraeli Press, 2001-2006
4publications, Pajerski, Fred and Elizabeth, 1997-1998
5Public Press, 1989
6Ray McSavaney Photographic Workshops, 2000
7-12real property, 1994-1995
13-14research, miscellaneous
15Salzwerke Archivs (Undated, pulled from internet, 2003.)
16St. Hedwigs Kathedrale, Berlin
17Samlung Wiegand, 1994-1995
18SBK Amsterdam, 2002
19Schneebett (snow-bed), Enrique Martinez Celaya
20-21SEQ Communications, Special Reports, Geoffrey Forrest, 1986
22Skynet Worldwide, 1999
23Smets, Jenny: Het, Vrouwbeeld in de Collectie Hartkamp, 1988
24Sotheby´s I, Notebook, auction results, 1975-1996
25sports photos, 1996
(Babe Ruth, Willie Mays)
26Starshots 01 fotopreis, 2001
27Steidl, Gerhard — book, 2008-2009
box 13folder 1-23Sudek/Aperture
box 14folder 1-4Sudek/Aperture
5-6Sudek collection
7-10Sudek collection sale, 1990
11-13Sudek exhibition, 1995-1996
11-13Sudek, The Pigment Prints (book), 1996-1998
14Sudek reproductions, 1977
15Sudek survey, 1993
16Symbax, Fine Art Photography, 1982
17-19Taschen photographic studies series, 1997-1998
box 15folder 1-4Taschen photographic studies series, 1997-1998
5ticket stubs
6unentbehrlich, nr. 9, November 1991
7The Universal Couch, portraits from the turn of the millennium, circa 1990s
8Unter den Linden (Proag, Michael Pauseback), 1998
9Van Soest, 1996-1998
(See also At the Still Point, Nova Concept, Image Management.)
10Verband der Deutschen Photographischen Industrie E.V., 1981
11Volkswagen Platform, Helmut Newton, 2002
12Vreeland, Diana, Photographic Archive, 1998
13Walden Pond Portfolio: 25 Vintage Prints
14Warhol, Andy, 1995
(estate, photography appraisal.)
15-16water damage, 1996-1998
17Watermarking Guide, Digimarc, 1997
18Weyde, Dr. Ing. Edith, 1941
(German patent, copy.)
19White, Minor, purchase, 1999-2000
20Wilde, Ann und Jurgen: Ihre Arbeit fur die Fotografie, 1996
Subject Files: Gallery Ephemera
Gallery ephemera is arranged geographically by region (US or non US) / country/ state/ city/gallery name and then by date. Only galleries with a large number of items are listed by name. See also gallery correspondence.)
box 1folder 1Austria, 1997-2005
2Austria: Fotogalerie Wien: Bilder, 1991-1994
3Belgium, 1990-2003
4-5Canada: Jane Corkin Gallery, 1990-2007
6Czechoslovakia and Hungary, 1991-2007
7-11Paris, undated, 1988-2001
box 2folder 1-4Paris, 2002-2008
5-7Germany, 1990-2008
8-10Germany, Berlin, 1990-2008
box 3folder 1-4Germany: Camera Work, 1997-2008
5Germany, Dusseldorf and Frankfurt, 1991-2005
6Germany, Hamburg, 1990-2008
7-9Germany, Koln, 1989-2007
box 4folder 1Germany, Munich, 1989-2005
2Italy, 1993-2005
3Japan, 1997-2005
4Luxembourg, 1995-2003
5-10The Netherlands, undated, 1988-2005
box 5folder 1other
2Spain and Portugal, 1990-2003
3Sweden, 2005
4Switzerland, 1990-2004
5Switzerland: Galerie Stockeregg, 1989-2001
6UK, London
7UK, London: Hamiltons, 1991-2003
8UK, London: Michael Hoppen Gallery, 2001-2008
8UK, London: Michael Hoppen Gallery, 2001-2008
box 6folder 1California, Los Angeles: Barry Singer Gallery, 1998-2004
2-3California, Los Angeles: Fahey/Klein Gallery, 1997-2008
4California, Los Angeles: Gagosian Gallery,, 2003-2008
5California, Los Angeles: G. Ray Hawkins, 1989-1999
6California, Los Angeles: Griffin, 1999-2007
7-8California, Los Angeles: Rose, undated, 2003-2008
9-10California, miscellaneous, undated, 1990-2008
box 7folder 1-7California, San Francisco: Fraenkel Gallery, undated, 1989-2009
box 8folder 1California, San Diego (La Jolla): Joseph Bellows, 1999-2005
2-3California, San Francisco: Robert Koch Gallery, 1993-2008
4California, San Francisco: Vision Gallery, 1993-1995
5-6miscellaneous (US), 1990s-2000s
7New York, oversize and undated
8New York, 1980, 1989-1999
9New York, 2000-2009
box 9folder 1New York: 292, 1993-2002
2New York: Cheim & Read, 2000-2004
3New York: Deborah Bell, 2004-2008
4New York: Edwynn Houk, mostly undated, circa 1990s-2000s
5New York: Gagosian Gallery, 2002-2008
6New York: G. Herman Gallery, 2004-2009
7New York: Hans P. Kraus, Jr., 1990-2008
8New York: Houk Friedman, undated, circa 1990s
9-11New York: Howard Greenberg Gallery, 1993-2008
12New York: James Danziger, mostly undated, circa 1990s
box 10folder 1New York: Janet Borden, Inc. 2002-2006
2New York: John Stevenson, undated, and 1999-2005
3New York: Keith de Lellis, undated, and 1998-2007
4New York: Laurence Miller Gallery, 1990-2006
5New York: Lowinsky, 1992-1997
6-8New York: Pace/MacGill Gallery undated, and 1988-2008
9New York: Robert Mann, 1992-2000
10New York: Ricco/Maresca Gallery, 1997-2003
11New York: Robert Miller Gallery undated, and 1990-2005
12New York: Sander Gallery, 1992-1994
box 11folder 1New York: ubu, 1994-2004
2New York: Yancey Richardson Gallery, 1996-1997
3New York: Zabriskie Gallery, 1977 and 1990-2008
Subject Files: Heiting Collection MFAH
(Printouts of collection database.)
Subject Files: Biographical
box 1folder 1birth announcement: Ruby Cooper, 2001
2clippings (See also MS58:03 for clippings not about Heiting/collection.)
4CV, biographical information
7Foam Magazine #10 interview, 2007
(With notes, correspondence.)
8Foam Magazine #10, 2007
(Additional copies at Hirsch Library.)
9horoscope, 1981
11mailing list, calendar, 1999
12mailing list, library, 2007
14travel grant, US Information and Educational Exchange Act, 1974

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