Graham Gallery/William A. Graham
MS25 Archive 1964-1992 (bulk 1981-1992)

Graham Gallery/William A. Graham Archive
in the Archives of the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston


Inventory prepared by Sarah Shipley


Archives, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston


P.O. Box 6826; Houston, TX 77265-6826



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Graham Gallery/William A. Graham

Inclusive Dates:

1964-1992 (bulk 1981-1992)


14.25 linear feet, 12 oversized items.


The Graham Gallery (1981-1992) was an important venue for emerging Texas artists. Through the efforts of William A. Graham, a small exhibition space in a remodeled garage became known as the place to see cutting edge Texas art in Houston. The Graham Gallery records/William A. Graham papers reflect the documentation and working records of the gallery as well as the personal papers of William Graham. This collection contains correspondence, artist files, correspondence, publicity materials, news clippings, and photography.

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Materials are in English, French


Archives, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston
P.O. Box 6826; Houston, TX 77265-6826

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Acquisition Information:
This collection was given to the MFAH Archives by the Graham Estate.

Access Restrictions:
Restrictions vary according to nature of materials. The bulk of materials are open for public research after fifteen years. Consult the Archives for particulars.

Related Materials:
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Separated Materials:
Posters and oversized materials have been separated into Series 4. Photography has been separated out into Series 5.

Use Restrictions:
Original photographic materials are subject to photographer´s copyright. Art object photography for reference use only.

Preferred Citation:
Museum of Fine Arts, Houston Archives. MS25, Graham Gallery/William A. Graham Archive, 1964-1992 (bulk 1981-1992).

Biographical or Historical Note

William A. Graham (1939-1992) was the owner of the Graham Gallery which opened in Houston in 1981. The gallery focused mainly on emerging Texas artists, especially Houston-based artists. His gallery represented Gay Block, Derek Boshier, Mel Chin, Ron Hoover, Lynn Randolph, Patricia Gonzalez, Pam Johnson, Alain Clement, Richard Stout, Eric Avery, Kelly Alison and Tracy Harris among many others.

Graham was born in Iowa and obtained a degree in journalism from the University of Iowa. He moved to New York in the late ´60s where he was the director of Vestart Gallery on Madison Avenue. He then moved to Paris to open the Balanci-Graham Gallery where he worked with artists such as Charles Lapicque, André Masson, Jean Hélion, and Man Ray. In 1978 he followed the advice of the well-known New York art dealer, Marilyn Fischbach, who told him to "go to Houston" where he started out as a private art dealer and then Assistant Director at Rice University´s Sewall Art Gallery before opening his own gallery in 1981.

The Graham Gallery in Houston started as a remodeled garage below his apartment on 2411 Bartlett Street. His inaugural show was an exhibition of works on paper by French artist, René Laubiès which opened on March 18, 1981. Originally the gallery planned to have a more European focus with Texas artists included, but Texas art soon took center stage. H.J. Bott and Brian Mains were some of the first Houston artists to be included in the gallery lineup. The Graham Gallery was a member of the Houston Art Dealers Association (HADA) and participated in the annual Introductions exhibitions. In an interview with Domain Magazine in 1987 he described his experience encountering the Houston arts scene, "I met a lot of artists who were on the edge of something exciting, and nobody was even thinking of exhibiting their work. I felt like I could introduce them to a vibrant market."

In 1984 the gallery moved to 1431 West Alabama allowing Graham to expand the exhibition space. National attention was soon drawn to Houston in 1985 with the MFAH exhibition: "Fresh Paint: The Houston School." Many of the artists chosen for that exhibition were represented by Graham Gallery. Also, in conjunction with the MFAH exhibition, there was a Graham Gallery exhibition "Four Fresh Paint Artists" as well as a solo show by Fresh Paint artist Charmaine Locke.

That same year Graham added a sculpture garden behind the gallery, further expanding exhibition space, the first installation being works by George Smith and Ben Woitena.

The Graham Gallery continued to distinguish itself by discovering new artists, and also by being one of the few dealers to show photography. Graham Gallery participated in the first Houston Foto Fest in 1986 with exhibition of photographs by Alain Clement who was one of the gallery´s most frequently shown artists. The Graham Gallery was also ahead of its time in the parity of male and female artists exhibited and was rated as "making herstory" by the local feminist arts performance group Gorilla Girls in 1990.

The Graham Gallery closed in the summer of 1992. William A. Graham died in September of 1992.


This collection has been divided into series and subseries:

Series 1: Artist files

Series 2: Gallery business records

s1: Correspondence
s2: Subject files
s3: Press clippings
s4: Financial records
s5: Gallery scrapbooks
s6: Printed ephemera
s7: Artists under consideration

Series 3: William Graham personal papers
s1: Correspondence
s2: Press clippings & ephemera

Series 4: Posters & oversize

Series 5: Photography
s1: Artist file photography
s2: Artist work sold
s3: Artists under consideration
s4: Garden project photography
s5: Personal photography

Collection Scope and Content Note

The Artist files (MS25:01) are the bulk of the Graham Gallery Records. The files are arranged alphabetically by artist and while some artists may have no more than a resume, most contain several folders divided into one or more of the following categories: Artist´s notebook; Biography/artist´s statement; Gallery correspondence/business; Past exhibitions; Publicity. While extensive the Artist files are not a comprehensive indication of all the artists who were exhibited at Graham Gallery, especially in the first few years. The Artist´s notebook appears to be used as a quick reference of information containing a resume, price lists, selected news clippings and printed ephemera such as exhibition invitations. Other materials of note included in the artist files are a lengthy interview with photographer Alain Clement; illustrated correspondence from artist Bob Camblin; a copy of a lecture by Dr. Steven Mansbach on Richard Stout, and a congratulatory note from the Gorilla Girls to Kelly Alison.

The Gallery business records (MS25:02) consist of seven subseries: Correspondence; Subject files; Press clippings; Financial records; Gallery scrapbooks; Printed ephemera; and Artists under consideration. The correspondence contains letters to and from clients, artists, and other galleries and arts organizations. Of note in the subject files are research and notes for open discussions at the Graham Gallery with topics such as the state of the art market, cross-cultural understanding, and women in the arts, Houston Art Dealer Association records; and records for the Houston Center for Photography where William Graham was an Advisory Board member. The Press clippings cover both material specific to the Graham Gallery, the contemporary arts scene and the overall visual arts in Houston. The Gallery scrapbooks is an important resource, chronicling the history of the gallery from the opening in 1981 until it closed in 1992 with press clippings, press releases and various ephemera. Printed ephemera consists of invitations, flyers, and catalogs specific to the Graham Gallery. Artists under consideration consists of correspondence, news clippings and resumes.

The William Graham personal papers (MS25:03) is comprised primarily of correspondence from 1970 through 1984. Much of the material, especially early material is written in French while William Graham was living in Paris. Among the correspondents are Robert Dash, French artist Charles Lepicque and Elimina Auger who worked with Bernard Balanci, Graham´s partner in the Balanci-Graham Gallery, on the catalogue raisonné for Charles Lapicque. Letters from Texas artists Brain Mains, Harvey Bott and Dick Wray appear in the eighties.

The fourth series, Posters & oversize (MS25:04) contains publicity materials related to artists represented by Graham Gallery.

The Graham Gallery Photography Series (MS25:05) is divided into subseries: Artist File Photography; Artist Work Sold; Artists under consideration; Garden Project Photography; and Personal Photography. The bulk of photography is art object and installation photographs. Also included in the Artist File Photography are occasional individual portraits. The garden project documents what appears to be the clearing and resurfacing of the sculpture garden in 1991. The bulk of Subseries 5, personal photography, contains photos from Graham´s time in France in the seventies with pictures of Man Ray, Charles Lepicque, and other artists and associates.

Subject Terms

Art galleries
Art, American
Artists — Texas — Houston

Personal Names
Alision, Kelly
Avery, Eric
Block, Gay
Bott, H. J.
Chin, Mel, 1951-
Clement, Alain, 1945-
Gonzalez, Patricia, 1958-
Graham, William A.
Harris, Tracy, 1958-
Hélion, Jean, 1904-1987
Hoover, Ron, 1944-
Johnson, Pamela
Lapicque, Charles, 1898-1988
Laubiès, René, 1922-
Man Ray, 1890-1976
Masson, André, 1896-1987
Randolph, Lynn, 1938-
Samples, Bertram
Smith, George W., 1941-
Stout, Richard Gordon, 1934-
Woitena, Ben

Corporate Names
Graham Gallery
Houston Art Dealers Association
Houston Center for Photography
Houston Foto Fest 1986
Houston International Festival
Sewall Art Gallery

Container List

Artist files 1981-1992
box 1folder 1Alexander
2Kelly Alison-artist´s notebook
3Kelly Alison-bio/artist´s statement
4Kelly Alison-gallery corr/business
5Kelly Alison-past exhibitions
6Kelly Alison-publicity file 1
7Kelly Alison-publicity file 2
8Gary E. Armstrong
9Martha Armstrong-bio/artist´s statement
10Martha Armstong-gallery business/corr file 1
11Martha Armstong-gallery business/corr file 2
12Martha Armstong-publicity
13John Atlas-bio/artist´s statement
14John Atlas-gallery corr/business
15John Atlas-past exhibitions
16John Atlas-publicity
17Eric Avery & Danny Clayton-artist´s notebook
18Eric Avery-bio/artist´s statement
19Eric Avery-gallery corr/business
20Eric Avery-past exhibitions
21Eric Avery-publicity file 1
22Eric Avery-publicity file 2
box 2folder 1Andrew Bennett-artist´s notebook
2Ellen Berman
3Dick Blau-artist´s notebook
4Dick Blau-gallery business/corr
5Gay Block-artist´s notebook
6Gay Block-bio/artist´s statement
7Gay Block-gallery business/past exhibitions
8Gay Block-publicity
9Lydia Bodnar-Balahutrak-bio/artist´s statement
10Lydia Bodnar-Balahutrak-gallery corr/business
11Lydia Bodnar-Balahutrak-past exhibitions
12Lydia Bodnar-Balahutrak-publicity file 1
13Lydia Bodnar-Balahutrak-publicity file 2
14Lydia Bodnar-Balahutrak-publicity file 3
15Viveka Barnett
16Derek Boshier
17H. J. Bott
18Joanne Brigham-artist´s notebook
19Steve Brudniak
box 3folder 1Malcolm Bucknall-artist´s notebook 1
2Malcolm Bucknall-artist´s notebook 2
3Malcolm Bucknall-bio/artist´s statement
4Malcolm Bucknall-gallery corr/business file 1
5Malcolm Bucknall-gallery corr/business file 2
6Malcolm Bucknall-past exhibitions
7Malcolm Bucknall-publicity file 1
8Malcolm Bucknall-publicity file 2
9Malcolm Bucknall-publicity file 3
10Donald Calledare-bio/artist´s statement
11Donald Calledare-gallery corr/business
12Bob Bilyeu Camblin-bio/artist´s statement
13Bob Bilyeu Camblin-gallery corr/business file 1
14Bob Bilyeu Camblin-gallery corr/business file 2
15Bob Bilyeu Camblin-past exhibitions
16Bob Bilyeu Camblin-publicity file 1
17Bob Bilyeu Camblin-publicity file 2
18Robert Campbell-gallery corr/business
19Robert Campbell-publicity
20John Chatmas
21Pauline Cherry-artist´s notebook
22Pauline Cherry-bio/artist´s statement
23Pauline Cherry-gallery business/past exhibitions file 1
24Pauline Cherry-gallery business/past exhibitions file 2
25Pauline Cherry-publicity
box 4folder 1Mel Chin-bio/artist´s statement
2Mel Chin-gallery corr/business
3Mel Chin-past exhibitions
4Mel Chin-publicity file 1
5Mel Chin-publicity file 2
6Mel Chin-publicity file 3
7Danny Clayton
8Alain Clement-artist´s statement
9Alain Clement-artist´s notebook
10Alain Clement-bio/artist´s statement
11Alain Clement-gallery corr/business file 1
12Alain Clement-gallery corr/business file 2
13Alain Clement-past exhibitions
box 5folder 1Alain Clement-publicity file 1
2Alain Clement-publicity file 2
3Alain Clement-publicity file 3
4Linda Connor-bio/artist´s statement
5Linda Connor-gallery corr/business
6Linda Connor-past exhibitions
7Linda Connor-publicity
8Steven Daly
9Dick Davison-bio/artist´s statement
10Dick Davison-gallery corr/business
11Dick Davison-past exhibitions
12Dick Davison-publicity
13Martin Delebano-artist´s notebook
14Jeff DeLude-artist´s notebook 1
15Jeff DeLude-artist´s notebook 2
box 6folder 1Jeff DeLude-bio/artist´s statement
2Jeff DeLude-gallery business/past exhibitions
3Jeff DeLude-publicity
4Oliver Desbordes
5Mark Diamond
6Sharon Engelstein-bio/artist´s statement
7Sharon Engelstein-past exhibitions
8Sharon Engelstein-publicity
9Vincent Falsetta
10William Farr-bio/artist´s statement
11William Farr-gallery corr/business
12William Farr-past exhibitions
13William Farr-publicity
14Julie Fleschman-bio/artist´s statement
15Julie Fleschman-gallery corr/business
16Julie Fleschman-past exhibitions
17Julie Fleschman-publicity
18Don Foster-artist´s notebook
19Paula Fridkin
20Tony Garner
21Dixie Friend Gay
22J. Nebraska Gifford
23Patricia Gonzalez-artist notebook 1
24Patricia Gonzalez-artist notebook 2
25Patricia Gonzalez-bio/artist´s statement
26Patricia Gonzalez-gallery corr/business file 1
27Patricia Gonzalez-gallery corr/business file 2
28Patricia Gonzalez-past exhibitions
box 7folder 1Patricia Gonzalez-publicity file 1
2Patricia Gonzalez-publicity file 2
3Patricia Gonzalez-publicity file 3
4Larry Graeber
5Mehmet Guleryuz
6John Halaka/John Sturtevant-artist´s notebook
7John Halaka-bio/artist´s statement
8John Halaka-gallery corr/business
9John Halaka-past exhibitions
10John Halaka-publicity file 1
11Al Harris-bio/artist´s statement
12Al Harris-gallery corr/business
13Al Harris-past exhibitions
14Al Harris-publicity
15Tracy Harris-bio/artist´s statement
16Tracy Harris-gallery corr/business
17Tracy Harris-past exhibitions
18Tracy Harris-publicity file 1
19Tracy Harris-publicity file 2
20Tracy Harris-publicity file 3
21William Heppenheimer
22Ron Hoover-artist´s notebook
23Ron Hoover-bio/artist´s statement
box 8folder 1Ron Hoover-gallery corr/business
2Ron Hoover-past exhibitions
3Ron Hoover-publicity file 1
4Ron Hoover-publicity file 2
5Ron Hoover-publicity file 3
6Alexis Hunter
7Cindy Hurt
8Shelia Eaton Isham
9Terrell James-artist´s notebook
10Terrell James-gallery corr/business
11Mary Jernigan-artist´s notebook
12Mary Jernigan-gallery corr/business
13Mary Jernigan-past exhibitions
14Mary Jernigan-publicity
15Pam Johnson-artist´s notebook
16Pam Johnson-bio/artist´s statement
17Pam Johnson-gallery corr/business file 1
18Pam Johnson-gallery corr/business file 2
19Pam Johnson-gallery corr/business file 3
20Pam Johnson-past exhibitions
21Pam Johnson-publicity
22Josh Kight
23Richard R. Kline-artist´s notebook
24Richard R. Kline-bio/artist´s statement
25Richard R. Kline-gallery business/past exhibitions
26Richard R. Kline-publicity
box 9folder 1Koenigstein-artist´s notebook
2Koenigstein-bio/artist´s statement
3Koenigstein-gallery corr/business
5Bill Kommodore
6Sharon Kopriva-artist´s notebook
7Charles Mary Kubricht
8Haydn Larson-bio/artist´s statement
9Haydn Larson-gallery corr/business
10Haydn Larson-past exhibitions
11Haydn Larson-publicity file 1
12Haydn Larson-publicity file 2
13Wolfgang Letil
14Robert Levers-bio/artist´s statement
15Robert Levers-gallery corr/business
16Robert Levers-past exhibitions
17Robert Levers-publicity
18Charmaine Locke
19Hitch Lyman
box 10folder 1Bonnie Lynch-bio/artist´s statement
2Bonnie Lynch-gallery corr/business
3Bonnie Lynch-past exhibitions
4Bonnie Lynch-publicity file 1
5Bonnie Lynch-publicity file 2
6Larry McPherson
7Brian Mains
8Ronald Markman
9Marlene Matalon
10Rick Maxwell
11Ed Mayo-artist´s notebook
12Ed Mayo-gallery corr/business
13Dalton Maroney-artist´s notebook
14Dalton Maroney-bio/artist´s statement
15Dalton Maroney-gallery corr/business
16Dalton Maroney-past exhibitions
17Dalton Maroney-publicity
18Tom Moody-bio/artist´s statement
19Tom Moody-gallery corr/business
20Tom Moody-publicity
21Chris Muhlert
box 11folder 1Celia Alvarez Munoz
2Paulus Musters-artist´s notebook
3Paulus Musters-bio/artist´s statement
4Paulus Musters-gallery corr/business
5Paulus Musters-past exhibitions
6Paulus Musters-publicity
7John O´Neil-artist´s notebook
8John O´Neil-bio/artist´s statement
9Sybil Oshinsky-bio/artist´s statement
10Sybil Oshinsky-past exhibitions
11Sybil Oshinsky-publicity
12McKay Otto-bio/artist´s statement
13McKay Otto-past exhibitions
14Aaron Parazette
15Rodney Place
16Enric Pladevell file 1
17Enric Pladevell file 2
18Enric Pladevell file 3
19Susan Plum
20Marie Françoise Poutays-gallery business/past exhibitions
21Marie Françoise Poutays-publicity
22Basilios Nicholas Poulos
23Jon Powell
24Forrest Prince
box 12folder 1Lynn Randolph-artist´s notebook
2Lynn Randolph-bio/artist´s statement
3Lynn Randolph-gallery corr/business
4Lynn Randolph-past exhibitions file 1
5Lynn Randolph-past exhibitions file 2
6Lynn Randolph-past exhibitions file 3
7Lynn Randolph-publicity file 1
8Lynn Randolph-publicity file 2
9Lynn Randolph-publicity file 3
10Rachel Ranta-bio/artist´s statement
11Rachel Ranta-past exhibitions
12Rachel Ranta-publicity
13Linda Ridgeway-bio/artist´s statement
14Linda Ridgeway-gallery corr/business
box 13folder 1Linda Ridgeway-past exhibitions
2Linda Ridgeway-publicity
3David Rigsby
4Jim Robertson
5Jim Rutherford
6William Gary Roth
7Bertram Samples
8Sue Slott
9George W. Smith-artist´s notebook 1
10George W. Smith-artist´s notebook 2
11Carroll Sockwell-artist´s notebook
12Carroll Sockwell-bio/artist´s statement
13Carroll Sockwell-gallery corr/business
14Carroll Sockwell-publicity
15Rodolfo L. Sotelo-bio/artist´s statement
16Rodolfo L. Sotelo-gallery corr/business
17Rodolfo L. Sotelo-past exhibitions
18Rodolfo L. Sotelo-publicity
19Charles Stagg-publicity file 1
20Charles Stagg-publicity file 2
21William Steen-artist´s notebook
22William Steen-bio/artist´s statement
23William Steen-past exhibitions
24William Steen-publicity
25Sharon Stewart
26Richard Gordon Stout-artist´s notebook
27Richard Gordon Stout-bio/artist´s statement
28Richard Gordon Stout-gallery corr/business
29Richard Gordon Stout-past exhibitions
30Richard Gordon Stout-publicity file 1, pre-1990
box 14folder 1Richard Gordon Stout-publicity file 2
2Richard Gordon Stout-publicity file 3
3Richard Gordon Stout-publicity file 4
4Susanna Strong-bio/artist´s statement
5Susanna Strong-gallery corr/business
6Susanna Strong-past exhibitions
7Susanna Strong-publicity
8John Sturtevant-bio/artist´s statement
9John Sturtevant-gallery corr/business
10John Sturtevant-past exhibitions
11John Sturtevant-publicity
12Jackie Tileston-bio/artist´s statement
13Jackie Tileston-gallery corr/business
14Jackie Tileston-past exhibitions
15Jackie Tileston-publicity
16Lew Thomas- artist´s notebook
17Lew Thomas- bio/artist´s statement
18Emonstone Field Thompson, Jr.-gallery corr/business
19Emonstone Field Thompson, Jr.-publicity
20Richard Thompson
21Jana Vander Lee
22Neal Von Hedemann-bio/artist´s statement
23Neal Von Hedemann-past exhibitions
24Neal Von Hedemann-publicity
25Sandra York-artist´s notebook
26Sandra York-bio/artist´s statement
27Gary Webernick
28Arthur Wicks
29Margaret Wirstrom
30Ben Woitena-artist´s notebook
31Harry Zeitlin
Gallery business records 1981-1992
Correspondence, 1980-1990
box 1folder 1Correspondence, 1980-1981
3Correspondence, 1982
5Correspondence, 1983
7Correspondence, 1984
9Correspondence, 1985
11Correspondence, 1986
box 2folder 2Correspondence, 1987
4Correspondence, 1990
Subject files
box 2folder 6Appointment book, 1990
7Appointment book, 1991
8Gallery group exhibitions, 1985-1990
box 3folder 1Gallery open discussions, 1990-1991
2Gallery exhibit schedules, 1982-1990
3Gallery mailing list, 10/7/1989
4Walter Hopps, 1985-1991
5Houston Art Dealer Association (HADA), 1990-1992
6Houston Center for Photography (HCP) board meetings 1986-1989
7Houston International Festival, 1989
8Press listings, 1992
9Press releases, 1985-1990
10Slides returned, 1989
11Works loaned to Stedman Hubbard, 1986
Press clippings
box 1folder 1Contemporary Arts Museum, 1983-1990
2Susan Chadwick, 1986-1991
3Gallery file 1, 1978-1985
4Gallery file 2, 1983-1990
5Newsclipping, 1985-1989
6Newsclippings New York, 1986-1991
Gallery scrapbooks 1981-1992
box 1folder 1Gallery scrapbook, 3/1981- 1/1983
2Gallery scrapbook, 1/1983- 2/1984
3Gallery scrapbook, 1/1984- 7/1985
4Gallery scrapbook, 1/1984- 7/1985
5Gallery scrapbook, 7/1985- 1/1986
6Gallery scrapbook, 5/1986- 12/1986
7Gallery scrapbook, 1/1987- 12/1987
8Gallery scrapbook, 3/1988- 12/1989
9Gallery scrapbook, 1/1990- 7/1992
Printed ephemera, 1981-1991
box 1folder 1Printed ephemera, 1981
2Printed ephemera, 1982
3Printed ephemera, 1983
4Printed ephemera, 1984
5Printed ephemera, 1985
6Printed ephemera, 1986
7Printed ephemera, 1987
8Printed ephemera, 1988
9Printed ephemera, 1989
10Printed ephemera, 1990-91
11Printed ephemera, 1992
12Printed ephemera, n.d.
13Printed ephemera, n.d.
Artists under consideration, 1991
box 1folder 1Artists to consider, 1991
2Artists to consider, 1991
William Graham personal papers, 1970-1985
box 1folder 1Correspondence: Cesar Tomila, Jean Paul, Aleco Fassianos, Chaplain Midi, Leonaria Fini, 1970-1983
3Correspondence: Charles Lapicque, Rene Lambies, Elimina Auger, 1973-1981
5Correspondence: Alain Clement, Renee Laporte, Marilyn Fischbach, Jean Helion, 1976-1983
6Correspondence: Robert Dash, Claude Bellegarde, 1973-1982
9Correspondence: Brian Mains, Hitch Lyman, Harvey Bott, Dick Wray, Richard Mock, 1981-1982
11Correspondence: postcards & notes from artists, 1981-1984
Press clippings & ephemera
box 1folder 12Clippings/Houston art scene
13Diary key [?]
14Printed material
Posters & oversize,
folder 1Garden Lithographs by Robert Dash/Lines by James Schuyfer, 4/17 - 5/5/1973
Neal Von Hedemann "99 Names", 1976-1979
Three New York Artists: Loris Baron, J. Nebraska Gifford, Bibi Lencek, 3/5/1977-3/19/1977
J. Nebraska Gifford´s Double Feature in Omaha, 9/6/1977 - 9/21/1977
George Smith New Works, 9/16/1983 - 10/29/1983
Mahemet Guleryre Gallerie 2016, 10/27/1983-2/12/1984
Personal Assignments: Four Photographers-Frank Herrera, Gay Block, Earl Iverson, Charles Meyer, 9/26/1984 - 10/21/1984
Sculpture ´86-Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, 10/23/1986-10/24/1986
Charles Stagg "Untitled #11", 1988
Mel Chin "The Conceptual Impulse", 6/17/1990 - 8/12/1990
Texas Art Celebration ´91, 2/14/1991-5/7/1991
Athur Wicks Performance Checkpoint Rohrdorf, n.d.
Artist file photography
box 1folder 1Alexander-art objects
2Kelly Alison-art objects, 1983-1984
3J.P. Antoine-art objects
4Gary Armstrong-art objects/installation, 1981
5Martha Armstrong-art objects,
6Francis Bacon-art objects
7Viveka Barnett-art installation "Tornardos and Wall Sculpture", 5/8-6/8/1982
8Andrew Bennett-art objects, 1991-1992
9Ellen Berman-art objects/installation, 1986-1988
10Forrest Bess-art objects,
11Dick Blau, 3/7/[?]
12Gay Block-art objects, 1989-1990
13Lydia Bodner-Balahutrack-art objects/studio/art installation, 1989-1990
14Derek Boshier-art object
15Harvey Bott-art object/installation, 1976-1981
16Lee Brevard-art object, 1981/n.d.
17Steve Brudniak-art object, 1986-1990
18Malcolm Bucknall-art object, c 7/1987
19Bob Bilyeu Camblin-art object/unidentified people, 1973-1989
20John Chatmas-art objects, 1985-1990
21Pauline Cherry-art objects/installation, c 1984
22Mel Chin-art objects
23Alain Clement-art objects, c 1982-1989
24Stephan Daly in his studio/art objects, 1975-1983
25Dick Davison-art object/installation/unidentified people
26Martin Delebano-art object, 1981-1989
27Jeff DeLude-art object, 1985
28Charles Demuth-art object
29Oliver Desbocdes-art object
30Mark Diamond-art object
31William Farr-art object, 1986
32Paula Fridkin-art object, 1988
33Tony Gardner-art object/installation
34J.Nebraska Gifford-art object, c 1981
35Patricia Gonzales-art object, c 1982-1988
36Larry Graeber-art object, 1990-1991
37John Halaka-art object/unidentified posed group, c 1982-1987
38Al Harris-art object, 1987
39Tracy Harris-art object, 1986-1988
40William Heppenheimer-art installation, 12/1976
41Ron Hoover-art object, 1978-1984
42Shelia Eaton Isham-art object, 1972-1980
box 2folder 1Terrell James-art object, 1988
2Mary Jernigan-art object, c 1983-1984
3Pam Johnson-portrait/art object, c 1988
4Joshua Kight-art object, 1980-1990
5Richard R. Kline-portrait in studio/art object, c 1999
6Bill Komodore-art object, 1979-1983
7Sharon Kopriva-art object/installation at Graham Gallery 1983-1989
8Charles Mary Kubricht-art object, 1988-1989
9Hayden Larson-art object, 1987-1990
10Charmaine Locke-art object/installation, 1979-1984
11Hitch Lyman-portrait in landscape
12Bonnie Lynch-art object, 1988-1990
13Larry McPherson-art object
14Brian Mains-art object/installation, c 1981
15Ronald Markman-art object, c 1978-1982
16Marlene Matalon-art object, 1988
17Rick Maxwell-art object, 1982-1983
18Ed Mayo-art object/installation/studio, c 1985
19Dalton Maroney-art object, 1986-1988
20Tom Moody-art object, 1991-1992
21Chris Muhlert-art object, 1974-1984
22Celia Alvarez Munoz-art object/installation
23Paulus Musters-art object/installation, c 1987
24John O´Neil-portrait/art object, 1969/1982-1986
25Aaron Parazette-art object, 1989-1991
26Rodney Place-art object, 1989-1991
27Enric Pladevell-art object/installation
28Susan Plum-art object, 1990-1991
29John Powell-art object, 1982-1983
30Forrest Prince-art object, 1986-1988
31Lynn Randolph-art object, 1981-1990
32Linda Ridgway-art object, 1984-1990
33John Rigsby-art object, 1980-1990
34Jim Robertson-art object, 1987-1988
35George W. Smith-portrait/art object/installation, c 1981
36Gary Roth-art object, 1983
37Carroll Sockwell-art object/installation/William Graham in installation, 1979-1988
38Rodolfo L. Sotelo-art object, 1984-1990
39Charles Stagg-art object/installation, c 1988
40William Steen-art object/installation, 1983-1987
41Joseph Stella-art object
42Sharon Stewart-art object,
43Richard Gordon Stout-art object, c 1987
44Peter Svenson-art object, 1983
45Richard Thompson-art object, 1982-1983
46Neal Von Hedemann-art object, 1976-1979
47Arthur Wicks-art object/installation, 1982-1984
48Margaret Wirstom-art object, 1989-1990
49Ben Woitena-art object/installation
50Sandra York-art object, 1989-1990
Artist work sold
box 3folder 1Kelly Alison-art object, 1986-1988
2Linda Bodner-Balahutrak-art object, 1982-1987
3Malcolm Bucknall-art object, 1983-1988
4Mel Chin-art object, 1988-1989
5Alain Clement-art object, 1986-1989
6Sharon Engelstein-art object, 1990
7William Farr-art object, 1985-1988
8Waranch Fleschman-art object, 1986
9Dixie Friend Gay-art object, 1989-1990
10Patricia Gonzalez-art object, 1988-1991
11Al Harris-art object
12Tracy Harris-art object, 1986-1987
13Ron Hoover-art object, 1981-1989
14Mary Jernigan-art object, 1990
15Hayden Larson-art object, 1984-1990
16R. Levers-art object, 1983-1985
17Dalton Marooney-art object, 1986-1988
18Lynn Randolph-art object, 1985-1989
19Linda Ridgeway-art object, 1989-1990
20Rachel Ranta-art object, 1989-1990
21Rudolfo Sotelo-art object, 1989
22Richard Stout-art object, 1987-1990
23Susannah Strong-art object, 1989-1991
24Jackie Tileston-art object, 1990
25John Sturtevant-art object, 1990
Garden project photography, 7/1991-2/1992
box 3folder 37Garden project, 7/1991-2/1992
Personal photography, 1965-1983
box 3folder 38Charles Lepicque, Bernard Balanci, Elimina Auger, and Bill Graham at the Ile de Brehat (France), c 1965-1970
39Bill Graham-portrait, c 1967
40Bill Graham-seated portrait w/glasses, 11/1967
41Alecos Fassianos-art object "Le Fumeu", 1969
42Man Ray with his sculpture "L´Astrobale" in his studio in Paris, 1970
43Bill Graham at Gaudi Park, Barcelona/Leonor Fini and Bill Graham at Fini´s retreat in Corsica, c 1970s
44Charles Lepicque in studio, c 1970s
45Charles Lepicque, c 1970s
46Charles Lepicque seated in landscape, c 1970s
47Charles Lepicque making lithographs chez Pon, Paris, c 1970s
48MM Jules Lefranc and Bill Graham at Lefranc home, c 1970-1971
49Elimina Auger, Bernard Balanci, Charles Lepicque with Bill Graham at Ile de Brehat (France), c 1971
50Bill Graham in his apartment, Paris (France), c 1971-1972
51Bill Graham and Gen Paul, c 1971-1973
52Charles Lepicque and Bill Graham at Ile de Brehat (France), c 1971-1973
53Photo of a lion w/note from Charles Lepicque, 1972
54René Laubiès in front of his paintings, c 1972
55Andre Lanskay and Bill Graham at Lanskay´s studio, c 1972
56Graham´s student id card w/photo for International School for French Language and Civilization, c 9/6/1972
57Renee Laporte and Bill Graham in posed group photo during Charles Lepicque exhibtion at Laporte´s gallery, Antibes, c 1973-1975
58Maita[?], Renee Laporte and Bill Graham at Laporte´s gallery, Antibes, 1973-1975
59Robert Dash´s gardens and environs, 7/19/1973
60Miquel Angel de Yrazazabel, 2/1976
61Bill Graham and Bill Laneth[?], Houston, c 1980s
62Paintings displayed in hallway, c 2/1980
63Bill Graham with Cesar Domela´s "Lozenge, 1926" at Graham Gallery exhibition, c 6/1981
64Nerren[?]-art objects, c 12/1982
65Bill Graham at his gallery on Bartlett Street c 4/1983
66Bill Graham in gallery exhibition, c 4/1983
67Bill Graham in front of building
68Robert Dash´s garden
69Photocopies of prints filmed by AAA, not in Graham Gallery records
69Photocopies of prints filmed by AAA, not in Graham Gallery records