Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. Office of the Director.
RG02:07:02 Marzio Subject Files 1982-1999

A Guide to the Office of the Director, Peter C. Marzio, Subject Files
in the Archives of the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston


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Marzio Subject Files


Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. Office of the Director.

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The subject files are divided by decade and include two subseries, the Lillie and Hugh Roy Cullen Sculpture Garden and the Master Plan files which record the expansion of the museum including the construction of the Central Administration and Glassell Junior School of Art and the Audrey Jones Beck building. The files document the involvement of Director Peter C. Marzio in all aspects of the administration of the museum.

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Archives, Museum of Fine Arts Houston
P. O. Box 6826, Houston, TX 77265-6826

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Peter C. Marzio Exhibition Files (RG02:07:06)

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Museum of Fine Arts, Houston Archives. RG02:07:02, Office of the Director, Peter C. Marzio, Subject Files, 1982-1999.

Biographical or Historical Note

Peter C. Marzio has been Director of the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston (MFAH) since 1982, the longest tenure of the museum´s full-time directors. For additional biographical information , see "Directors of the MFAH" under Archival Holdings at


This collection is arranged chronologically by decade.

Collection Scope and Content Note

The Subject Files document Dr. Marzio´s leadership of the MFAH, his participation in several national arts organizations, as well as a general interest in Houston and the arts. Files are divided by decade. The first 31 boxes contain files from the 1980s, while boxes 31-34 contain files from the 1990s. In addition, subseries files document the design and construction of the Lillie and Hugh Roy Cullen Sculpture Garden in the mid-80s as well as museum expansion that includes the addition of the Central Administration and Glassell Junior School of Art buildings; the renovation of the Alfred C. Glassell, Jr. (Adult) School of Art; and plans for the Audrey Jones Beck building during the 1990s.

Subjects of note in the 1980s include: the American Association of Museums (AAM); Dr. Marzio´s extensive involvement with the Association of Art Museum Directors; Expansion notes; the Glassell Gold collection; the Glassell School of Art; Long Range Plan; the Masterpiece Book (A permanent legacy : 15 works from the collection of the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston); the National Endowment for the Arts (1983-1989); notes, contracts and legal documents on the various properties purchased or under consideration during this period; and the Ruth K. Shartle Symposium (1984-1989).

Subjects from the 1990s include: The Association of Art Museum Directors, Blaffer Foundation, the Dubuffet restoration, The Economic Summit of Industrialized Nations, the Minority Internship Program, NEA Challenge Grant III, and the historic San Sabá painting, loaned to the MFAH for display and safekeeping during a U.S. Customs case.

Subseries 2.1: Lillie and Hugh Roy Cullen Sculpture Garden contains correspondence, notes and contracts leading up to and after the opening of the garden in 1986. This includes interviews and press packets, news clippings, parking agreements with First Presbyterian Church, plan lists, sculpture considered and purchased, drawings and photos and a statement of purpose.

Subseries 2.2: Master Plan contains information on the museum expansion in the 1990s. Files include information on candidates for architect for the Audrey Jones Beck building, internal discussion on space allocation and other needs, and files on the involvement of Hines Interest, Rafael Moneo (architect), and Venturi Scott Brown and Associates. Information is also included on plans and construction for the Montrose administration building, Glassell and the Junior School. Long-range plan and master plan documents give insight into the reasons for expansion and goals for the future MFAH.

Subject Terms

Comics and America documentary proposal
Cultural Diversity Policy
Decorative arts
Glassell Collection of African Gold

A permanent legacy: 150 works from the collection of the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston / introduction by Peter C. Marzio.

Personal Names
Marzio, Peter C.
Noguchi, Isamu, 1904-1988

Corporate Names
American Association of Museums
American Federation of Arts
Amon Carter Museum of Western Art
Art Museum Association of America
Arte Publico Press
Association of Art Museum Directors
Bayou Bend Collection
Corcoran Gallery of Art
Cultural Arts Council of Houston
Dumbarton Oaks
Garden Club of Houston
Getty Foundation
Glassell School of Art
Houston Independent School District
Institute of Museum and Library Services (U.S.)
Junior League of Houston
Menil Collection (Houston, Tex.)
National Endowment for the Arts
National Endowment for the Humanities
Rice University
University of Houston
University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston

Container List

Peter C. Marzio Subject Files 1982-1999
box 1folder 1Abbeville Press, 1986-1987
2Abilene Fine Arts Museum
3Accessions, 1986-1987
4Accessions, 1988-89
5Accessions Policy, 1982
6Accessions Policy, Discussions, 1988-89
7Acoustiguide, 1987
8-9Administration: Storage 1988
10Admission Charges, 1983-1986
11Advanced Technology, 1983-1984
12Advanced Technology Evaluation of Special Project Support 1983
13African American Heritage Museum of Houston, 1988
14African, Oceanic and Art of the Americas Curator, 1982-1985
16Alameda Project for the Arts (APA), 1982-1983
17Alfonso, Carlos 1987
box 2folder 1ALI-ABA Course of Study, 1989
2Allied Bank of Texas Collection, 1984-1985
3Amarillo Art Center Association, 1983
4American Arts Alliance (AAA) 1983-1984
5American Arts Alliance (AAA) 1985-1987
6American Arts Alliance (AAA) 1989
7American Academy of Rome, 1988
8American Association of Museums, 1982
box 3folder 7American Association of Museums, 1987
10American Association of Museums, 1987
11American-Australian Foundation for the Arts, 1989
12American Federation of Arts, 1982-1984
box 4folder 1American Federation of Arts, 1985
2-3American Federation of Arts, 1987
4-5American Federation of Arts, 1988
6American Federation of Arts, 1989
7American Film Institute Proposal, 1988
8American Leadership Forum, National Fellows Program, 1985
9-10Amon Carter Museum, 1983-1987
box 5folder 1Annual Report, 1982
2Annual Report, 1983
3Annual Report, 1984
4Annual Report, 1984
5Anschutz, Philip, 1987
6Antiques Magazine, 1984
7Archives, 1985-1988
8-9Archives of American Art, 1982-1985
Smithsonian Institution microfilm project
10Arikha, Avigdor
11Arnold Fund, 1986-1989
(Agnes Cullen) Arnold Fund
12Art Against AIDS, 1988
13Arte Publico Press, 1987-1988
14Art in Embassies Program, 1986
15-17Art Institute of Chicago, Self-Study and Long-Range Plan 1982
18Art of the Spirits, Inc., 1982
19ART/LA, 1988
20Art Museum Association (AMA), 1983-1984
box 6folder 1-2Art Museum Association (AMA), 1984-1987
3Art Services International, 1987-1988
4Asbestos Removal Project, 1988
5-7Assistance League of Houston, 1984-1989
8Association of Art Museum Directors, 1982
9Association of Art Museum Directors, 1983
10Association of Art Museum Directors, 1984
11Association of Art Museum Directors, 1985
box 7folder 1Association of Art Museum Directors, Pittsburgh meeting, 1985
2Association of Art Museum Directors, September meeting, 1985
3Association of Art Museum Directors, Membership and Accreditation Guide, 1986-1989
4Association of Art Museum Directors, 1986
5Association of Art Museum Directors, Salary survey, 1986
6Association of Art Museum Directors, Statistical survey, 1986
7Association of Art Museum Directors, January meeting, Puerto Rico, 1986
8Association of Art Museum Directors, Spring meeting, Chicago, 1986
9Association of Art Museum Directors, Trustees, 1986-1987
10Association of Art Museum Directors, 1987
10Association of Art Museum Directors, 1987
box 8folder 1Association of Art Museum Directors, Winter meeting, Houston, 1987
2Association of Art Museum Directors, Planning committee annual meeting, 1987 (May 12)
3Association of Art Museum Directors, June meeting, Boston, 1987
4-7Association of Art Museum Directors, 1988
8Association of Art Museum Directors, Midwinter meeting, Los Angeles, 1988
9Association of Art Museum Directors, June meeting, Venice, 1988
10Association of Art Museum Directors, Statistical survey, 1988
11Association of Art Museum Directors, 1989
box 9folder 1-3Association of Art Museum Directors, 1989
4Association of Art Museum Directors, Statistical survey, 1989
5Association of Art Museum Directors, Midwinter meeting, Williamsburg, 1989
6Association of Art Museum Directors, Meeting, Baltimore, 1989 (May 4)
box 10folder 1Association of Art Museum Directors, Meeting, Providence, 1989 (June 13)
2Austrian Trade Commission, 1984
3Australian Consulate General, 1989
4Balding + Mansell Printers, 1984
5Ball, 1984
6Ball, 1985
7Ball, 1987
8Ball, 1988-1989
9Banner District Petition (Museum District), 1988
10Baylor College of Medicine, 1987
11Bayou Bend, 1983-1984
13Bayou Bend, Conservator
14Bayou Bend, General, 1987-1989
15Bayou Bend Gardens Endowment, 1986-1989
(includes copy of 1981 Certificate of Incorporation)
16Bayou Bend, NEH Planning Grant, 1989
17Bayou Bend, Philanthropic Market Study, 1988
18Bayou Bend Towers, 1989
19Bayou Bend traveling exhibition, 1988-1989
box 11folder 1Beck catalogue, 1983-1987
2Bible of Borso D´Este Purchase, 1984
3Billboards: Patrick Media Group, 1987
4Brealey, John, 1987
5British Consulate General, 1987
7Bodner, Carl, 1984
8Brooks Museum of Art, Memphis, 1983-1984
9Brookwood Community, 1988
10Brown Foundation, 1985-1988
11Brown Fund (Alice Pratt), 1984
12Brown Reception, 1984
13-14Brown Pavilion: Upper Brown, 1984-1985
15Budget, 1982-1983
16Budget Committee, 1983
17Budget, 1984-1985
18Budget, 1985-1986
box 12folder 1Budget Committee, 1987-1988
2Budget Meetings, 1985-1986
3Budget Worksheets, 1985
4Budget, 1989
5-6Business Arts Fund, 1983-1988
7Business Committee for the Arts, Inc.: Business in the Arts Awards, 1988
8Business Volunteers for the Arts, 1986
9Bybee Collection, 1985
10Bylaws revisions, 1984
11Calendar items, invitations, 1989
12Calendar News, 1985-1987
13Callaway Editions, Inc., 1986
14Cambridge Associates, 1988
15Cannady, Bill, 1988
(Private residence, Montrose/Bissonnet)
16Carnegie Institute, 1983-1984
17Centro Studi per L´Evoluzione Umana, 1983
18Century Development, 1983
19Cesar Pelli & Associates, 1984
20Chardin, Jean-Baptiste-Siméon, 1983
21Chatsworth drawings, 1984
22Children´s Museum, 1987-1988
23Christie´s Weekend, 1984
box 13folder 1Churchill Group, Marketing study, 1989
2College Art Association of America, 1986-1989
3-6Comics and America documentary, 1988-1989
(includes proposal; see also Marzio exhibition files)
7Conference on Corporate Art Collection, Houston, 1984
8Conservation, 1984-1985
9Consulat General de France (á Houston), 1984
10Contemporary Arts Museum, 1985-1988
11Cookbook, 1982-1984
12Corcoran Gallery of Art, 1986
13Corporate contracts, 1985
14Corporate Contribution Committee, 1985
box 14folder 1Corporate Nights, 1982
1-3Institute of Museum Services, Evaluation of Special Projects, 1978-81, 1984
2Corporate Partnerships, 1983-1984
3Corporate Partners, 1986-1989
4Costume Council, Director´s Manual, 1989
5-6Costume Institute, 1985-1988
7Council for the Visual & Performing Arts, 1986
8Cranbrook Academy of Art, 1982
9Crawford, Ralston, 1983
10Creel Estate (Mary Stirling Creel), 1988
11Criterion Group, 1984-1988
12Cullen Center Project, 1984-1988
13-14Cultural Arts Council of Houston (CACH), 1983-1988
15Cultural Arts Council of Houston: Grants Task Force, 1986-1988
box 15folder 1Cultural Diversity Plan, 1992
2Cummings, Frederick J., The Identity of the Curator, 1982
3Dallas Museum of Fine Arts, 1982-1985
4Data control, 1987
5Deaccessions, 1986
6Decorative Arts Center, 1983
7Decorative Arts, 1986-1988
8Deloitte Haskins + Sells, 1985
9Departmental meetings, 1984-1985
10Design budget, 1984-1985
11Development, 1984-1987
12DIA Art Foundation, 1984
13Division heads meeting, 1985-1988
14Donors, miscellaneous, 1980s
15Donors Plaque, plus major donor information, 1988
16Drawing Society, 1984
17DuBernard Collection, 1983
18Dumbarton Oaks, 1983-1984
19-20Education Department, 1981-1987
21Education miscellaneous, 1988-1989
box 16folder 1Effective Directorship in the Independent Sector, 1984
2Emergency preparedness, 1988
3Employment leads & inquiries, 1987-1989
4Endowment, MFAH, 1987-1988
5Entex, Inc., 1987
6Ethnographic Art Society of Houston, 1985
7European art proposal, 1985
8Examinations & Opinions on Works of Art Policy, 1982
9Exhibition funding, miscellaneous notes, 1983-1989
10Expansion, 1983-1985
11Expansion, South Wing, 1983-1984
12Facility, 1982
13Facility: Lighting, 1984
14Fiestas Patrias, 1987
15Filho, Paulo Herkenhoff, 1987
16Film Department, 1985-1987
17Films: special film exhibitions, 1984
18Fine Arts 5K Run, 1985-1988
19First Artists Portfolio, 1986
20Fish Foundation (Ray C.), 1985
21Fort Worth Museum of Science & History, 1985
22Funding, 1982
23The Gallery, 1984
24The Gallery: Membership, 1987
25Garden Club of Houston, 1983-1984
26Garden Endowment Fund, 1982-1985
27Garden Endowment plans/blueprints, undated
28Getty Trust, 1985
29Glassell Gold Collection, 1989
box 17folder 1Glassell School, 1982-1987
2Glassell School: Correspondence, 1983-1985
3Glassell School: Development action plan, 1982
4Glassell School: Endowment fund, 1984
5Glassell School: Legislation, 1984
6Glassell School: Miscellaneous, 1988-1989
8Glassell School: Wells Endowment, 1989
9Gibbs, Ezekiel (Texas folk artist), 1983
10-11Government affairs, 1983-1986
12Grantmakers in the Arts, 1989
13Graphics, 1989
14Greater Houston Convention & Visitors Council, 1986-1988
15Greene, Alison de Lima, early 1980s
16Francis J. Greenburger Foundation Awards, 1986
17Guggenheim Memorial Foundation, 1983
18Guggenheim Museum, 1983-1985
19The Guild, 1985-1987
20Harris County Heritage Society, 1982-1984
21High Museum of Art, 1984
22Hirsch Library, 1987-1989
box 18folder 1Hispanic Advisory Committee, 1987
2History of MFAH, undated
3Hines-McClelland Center, 1983-1984
4Hirshorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, 1982-1984
5Hood, Dorothy, 1983-1985
6Houston, City of, 1982-1983
7Houston, City of: Mayor´s Art Awards, 1982-1988
8Houston, City of, 1988
9Houston Center for Photography, 1985
10Houston Coalition for the Visual Arts, 1983
11-12Houston Festival, 1983-1987
13Houston Grand Opera, 1982-1987
14Houston Independent School District, 1983-1984
15Houston Lyceum, 1983-1984
16Houston Reading Series, 1981-1983
17Houston Seminar, 1985-1988
18Houston Symphony Orchestra, 1985-1987
19Houston Youth Symphony and Ballet, 1988
20Hudson Hills Press, Inc., 1983-1984
21Huntington Art Gallery (Archer M.), Austin, TX, 1984
22Huntington Deer, 1988
box 19folder 1Images on Stone: Two Centuries of Artists´ Lithographs, 1987
2Income/Expenses, 1989
3-4Institute of Museum Services, 1984-1985
5Insurance, 1987-1988
6Insurance: Allen Insurance Associates, 1987-1988
8Interfirst Bank Fannin, 1985
9International Council of Museums, 1985
10International Exhibitions Foundation, 1983-1985
11International Sculpture Center, 1983-1984
12Investment Committee, 1988
(DeMarche Associates, May 4, 1988 presentation)
13Investment Counselors, various proposals, 1983
14Invitations, 1989
15Iroquois Brands, 1984-1985
16Italian Cultural Festival, 1987
17Job Evaluation Committee, 1986
18Joslyn Art Museum, 1986
19Judd, Ronald, 1983-1984
20Juniata College, 1984
21Junior League of Houston, 1983-1984
22Kalil, Susan, 1984-1985
23Keita Jamal Corporation, 1987
24Kimball Art Museum, 1984-1985
25Lark, Raymond (artist), 1986
26Lawsuits, citations, various dates
box 19-50folder 1-3Institute of Museum Services, Evaluation of Special Projects, 1978-81, 1984
box 20folder 1Logo: Identity proposal, 1983
2Long Range Plan, 1982-1985
3Long Range Plan, 1983-1984
4Long Range Plan, 1984
5Long Range Plan: Working papers, 1983-1984
6Long Range Plan: Miscellaneous, 1984-1986
7Long Range Plan: Five Year Plan, 1985-1989
8Los Angeles County Museum of Art, 1983-1985
9Lovett Gallery, 1984
10Lowe Art Museum, University of Miami, 1983-1984
11Henry Luce Foundation, 1982-1987
12MacArthur Foundation, 1983
13Mann, Horace - Collection of Irish Belleek, 1984-1985
14Marketing Department, 1985-1986
15Marcks sculpture (Maja), 1989
16-18Masterpiece book, 1987-1989
(A Permanent Legacy: A History of the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston)
19Master staffing plan, 1984-1985
20Masterworks from the Museum Collection, 1988-1989
21McDugald-Steele Assoc., 1983-1984
22McNay Art Museum (San Antonio), 1985-1987
23Membership, 1985-1987
24Memorial Art Gallery, University of Rochester, 1987
25Memos, various, 1987-1988
26Menil Foundation, 1983-1984
27Mexican Consul, 1986-1987
28Michelson-Reves Museum of Art (Marshall, TX), 1986
29Minsky Finances, Inc., 1984
box 21folder 1Montrose Project, 1983-1985
(Area revitalization)
2Moody Foundation, 1983-1988
3Municipal Arts Commission, 1985-1986
4Museum architecture, 1983
("Museums: The Second Round" progressive architecture, 8/1983)
5Museum Area Municipal Association (MAMA), 1983-1984
(Early Museum District planning)
6Museum of Printing History, undated
7Nassau County Museum of Fine Art, 1983
8Museum symposium, Dallas, 1985
9Museum trustee committee for research & development, 1988
10Natanson art loan, 1988-1989
11National Archives, 1983
12National Cowboy Hall of Fame, 1987
13The National Committee to Save America´s Cultural Collections, 1986-1989
14-15National Endowment for the Arts (NEA), 1983-1984
box 22folder 1-2National Endowment for the Arts (NEA), 1985-1988
3National Endowment for the Arts Challenge Grant, 1986-1989
4National Endowment for the Arts, conservation, 1989
5National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH), 1983-1984
6National Museums of Canada, 1987
7National Palace Museum Bulletin, 1988-1989
8Netherlands Foundation for Cultural Exchange, 1985-1987
9Neuhaus will, 1989
10Nevelson event, 1983
10Nevelson event, 1983
11New Zealand/United States Arts Foundation, 1984-1987
12Nicholson collection, 1989
13Off-site storage, 1986-1989
14Off-site parking ordinance, 1989
15Oklahoma Art Center, 1984
16Olympic Festival, 1986
17One Great Night in November, 1986-1989
18-19Organization charts, 1982-1984
(includes revisions)
20Organization for Rehabilitation through Training (ORT), 1987
box 23folder 1Paladino sculpture, 1989
2Palm Night at Pavilion (SAKS), 1988
3Paper and Light contract, 1983
4Parking lot, 1982-1985
5Pelli and Associates, 1989
6Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, 1983
7Personnel policies, 1981-1985
8Philadelphia Museum of Art, 1983-1985
9Phoenix Art Museum, 1984
10Portland Art Association (Oregon), 1983
11Portland Art Museum (Maine), 1983
12-13President´s Committee on the Arts & Humanities, 1983-1989
14Press clippings, non-MFAH, various dates
15Print Room, 1982-1984
16Prints, 1983-1984
17Pro Arts Fund, 1983-1984
box 24folder 1Property: Bovay building and property, 1986-1989
(5619 Fannin)
2Property: Butera, 1983
(5101 - 03, 5017 - 21 Montrose)
3Property: Mecom, 1984-1986
4Property: Watson-Denagy, 1985
(1106 Berthea)
5Prospective donor dinner program, 1988
6Qotby, Mehdi, 1984
7Queensland Cultural Center, 1987
8Raffles, 1984
9Recommendations, 1987-1989
10Registrar issues, 1986-1987
13Resumés, 1982-1989
14Retail sales, 1985
15Retirement plans, 1983
16Ribelin, Frank, 1988
box 25folder 1Rice Center for Community Design, 1982
2Rice University: Fondren Library, 1983
3River Oaks Garden Club, 1986-1989
4Rockefeller Foundation, 1983-1987
5Rubinstein, Charlotte Streifer, 1987
6Ryan, Paul, 1983-1984
7Sabbatical leave policy, 1983
8Saks Center Antique Show, 1985
9San Antonio Museum Association, 1985
10-11Satellite Exhibition Project, 1988
(includes feasibility study)
12Sculpture symposium, 1984-1986
(October 1986)
13Security, 1982
14-19Shartle Symposium, 1984-1989
20Shell Nights, 1983-1984
21Sister cities: Houston - Shenzhen, 1985-1987
22Slide Library, 1986
23Smithsonian Institution, 1983-1984
box 26folder 1-2Smithsonian Institution, 1983-1987
3-4Smithsonian Institution Press, 1982-1989
5Society of American Archivists, 1988
6Society for the Performing Arts, 1985
7Solarveil, 1987
8South America trip, 1986-1987
9-10South Main Center Association, 1983-1987
11Southwest Arts Foundation, 1980
12Southwestern Bell, 1986-1987
13Space study, 1983
14St. Louis Art Museum, 1982-1984
15Stages Repertory Theatre, 1986
box 27folder 1Strategic planning: David Snyder, 1980s
2Stony Brook, The Museums at, 1983
3Stroke Groups of Houston, 1984
4Sweeney Estate and papers, 1986
5Swiss Institute for Art Research, 1982
6Symbols of Unity project, 1984
7Tampa Museum of Art, 1987
8Tange, Kenzo (architect), 1985
9Taub loans, 1984-1987
(includes historical records)
10Tax-exempt funds, 1985
11Tax issues, 1984-1989
12Tax law, 1981
13Tea Room, 1983-1984
14Tejas Breakfast Club, 1982-1985
15Tenneco, Inc., 1985-1987
16Terra Museum of American Art, 1985
17Texas A & M University, miscellaneous, 1983
18-19TexArt/150, 1984
box 28folder 1TexArt/150, 1986-1987
2-5Texas Arts Alliance, 1982-1985
(includes Texas Arts Awards, 1985)
6Texas Arts Exchange, 1983
7-8Texas Association of Museums, 1983-1987
9-11Texas Commission on the Arts, 1982-1984
(includes Advisory Panel Meeting, 10/15/1984)
box 29folder 1Texas Commission on the Arts, 1986
2Texas Committee for the Humanities, 1985-1987
3Texas Historical Commission, 1983-1984
4-5Texas Institute for Arts Education, 1983-1985
(includes Houston Institute for Arts Education)
6Texas in the Twenty-First Century, 1987
7Texas Regional Art Conservation Center, 1983
8Texas Sesquicentennial, 1985-1986
9Theta Charity Antiques Show, 1983
10Tilted Arc (NYC), 1985
11Tobias Manuscript Project proposal, 1986
12Touche Ross & Co., 1986-1987
13Tour groups to the MFAH, 1987
14Transco Energy, Art Advisory Committee, 1983-1985
15Transco Collection, 1985-1987
16Trustee rotation, 1985-1986
16Trustee rotation, 1986-1987
17Tuesday Musical Club, 1984
18Twelve-month plan, 1988
18Twentieth Century Collection, MFAH undated
19University of Houston, 1982-1984
20University of Texas, Health Science Center, Houston, 1985
(Council for the Visual & Performing Arts)
21University of Texas, Institute of Urban Studies, 1986
22Van der Marck, Jan, 1985
box 30folder 1Van Gogh, 1984
2Vietnam & Art (book), 1984
3Visual Arts Research & Resource Center, 1983
(Relating to the Caribbean)
4Volunteer Lawyers & Accountants for the Arts, 1982-1983
5Volunteers, 1982
6Wagner, Dieter, 1982-1983
7Warwick Hotel, 1984
8Welch Foundation, 1985
9Western States Art Foundation, 1984
10Westmoreland loan, 1985
11Whitney Museum of American Art, 1984-1985
12Wildung, Dietrich, 1987
(Staatlichen Sammlung Ägyptscher Kunst)
13The Wilhelm Schole, 1987
14Winterman Collection, 1983-1985
15Women´s Caucus for Art, 1983-1987
16Works of Art on Paper, 1982-1984
(includes survey/needs, March 1983)
17World Monuments Fund, 1986-1987
18Wortham Chair search, 1983-1984
19Wortham Center, 1984
20Young Presidents´ Organization, 1982-1984
box 31folder 1Accessions, 1990-1992
2ALI-ABA Conference, 1990
(Hosted by the MFAH)
3Acquisitions of the 80s (Bulletin), 1990
4American Arts Alliance, 1990
5American Federation of Arts, 1990
6Annual Report, notes and memos, 1990-1992
7Art in Embassies Program, 1990-1991, 1996
(includes thank you notes from Bill Clinton, Al Gore and Warren Christopher and certificate of appreciation)
8Asian Art Subcommittee, 1997
9Assistance League of Houston, 1990
10-12Association of Art Museum Directors, 1990
13Association of Art Museum Directors: Salary surveys, 1990, 1991
box 32folder 1Association of Art Museum Directors: Statistical survey, 1991, 1992
2Ball, 1990-1992
3Bayou Bend, 1990-1991
(includes rededication, March 1991)
4Bayou Bend, Capital Campaign (´89), 1990-1991
5Bayou Bend, Tenneco Collection, 1991
6Benton, Thomas Hart, 1992
(Haystack, Gift of Frank J. Hevrdejs)
7-9Blaffer, 1991-1992
(includes "List of Issues" and "Master Agreement")
10Blaffer Dinner, 1992
(September 30, 1992)
11-12Blaffer Foundation, drafts of agreement, 1992-1993
box 33folder 1Blaffer Foundation, drafts of agreement, 1993
2Bunker, George (art collection), 1991
3Canadian Museum of Contemporary Photography, 1990
4Capital Campaign, 1995-1999
5Chasanoff Collection, 1991-1992
6Conference of Mayors, 1992
7Core Student Exchange Program, 1994
8Stuart Davis catalogue, 1991
9Deaccessioning, 1990-1991
10Dubuffet restoration, 1990
11Economic Summit of Industrialized Nations, 1990
(includes dinner napkin from English Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher)
12Economic Summit thank yous, 1990
(includes certificates of recognition)
13Education, miscellaneous, 1990-1991
14Essays on Experiencing Art, undated
15Exhibition ideas, notes from staff, 1992
16First Interstate Bank, 1993-1995
17Garden Club of Houston, 1991
18Garden Endowment Fund, miscellaneous, 1990-1991
19Glassell, Alfred C., Jr., speeches and addresses, 1996-2001
20Glassell School, 1990
(including Core Fellowship Program)
21Glassell School, Director search, 1990
22Harris Poll, Americans and the Arts VI, 1992
23Houston Arts Alliance, 1991
24Houston Coalition for the Visual Arts, 1990-1991
(Houston Arts Alliance)
25Houston International Festival, 1995
(Turkish Exhibition)
box 34folder 1Jimenez building, ground breaking, 1993
2Knotts, Dr. Glenn R., Silver collection, 1990
3Lovett Gallery restoration, 1990-1991
4Manning Collection, 1996
5Masterson, Harris & Carroll, III, 1991-1999
6McCarty-Cooper donation, 1993
7Mexico trip, 1991
8Minority Internship Program, 1990-1991
9Museum of Modern Art (MOMA), 1994
10MUSE database, 1995
11National Foundation on the Arts & Humanities, 1990
12Neuhaus Collection, 1991
13Off-site storage, 1990
14-16One Great Night in November, 1991, 1995, 1997
17Property: Faschingbauer, 1993-1995
(5015 Montrose)
18Property: Maddox, 1993-1995
(902 Bartlett)
19Queen Elizabeth´s visit, 1990-1991
20Recommendations, 1990
21River Oaks Garden Club, 1990-1991
22San Saba painting, 1990-1992
23-24San Saba painting, background and general information, undated
box 35folder 1San Saba painting, background and general information, undated
3-4Shartle Symposium, 1990, 1992
5Smithsonian Institution, 1996
6Tamayo mural lawsuit, 1991
(MCorp vs. Aetna, et. al.)
7Tax issues, 1990-1992
box 36folder 1-2Economic Summit of Industrialized Nations, selected publicity, 1990
(two copies)
3For Rice´s Honor, 1989-1990
(newspaper on Rice University, site of Economic Summit)
box 37Museums Under Attack: Boards & Staff in Times of Crisis, undated
(One VHS video cassette.)