Jana Vander Lee
MS88 Archive 1970-1995

Jana Vander Lee Archive
in the Archives of the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston


Inventory prepared by Lucy Sheely


Archives, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston


P.O. Box 6826; Houston, TX 77265-6826



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Jana Vander Lee

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9 linear feet with photographic material and oversize material


Jana Vander Lee is an curator, editor, and artist in the American Fiber Arts movement. Her work includes contributions to publications and exhibitions. The Jana Vander Lee Archive includes photography, correspondence, catalogs, and artwork from the publications and the exhibitions that she worked on.

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Materials are in English


Archives, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston
P.O. Box 6826; Houston, TX 77265-6826

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Acquisition Information:
Records were transferred to the Archives from Jana Vander Lee on July 2 2014.

Access Restrictions:
The Museum of Fine Arts does not have any restrictions to access other than Series 03, which is Financial Records.

Related Materials:
Smithsonian Archives of American Art Microfilm reels 2906-2907 includes; "Fiber in the 80´s: Current and future issues in the textile arts." Smithsonian Archives of American Art Microfilm reel 3362A includes: "American Fiber: A New Aesthetic."
MS25 Graham Gallery Records
RG05 Exhibition Files, Houston CETA Artists-in-Residence 9/5/1980-10/10/1980

Separated Materials:
The separated materials are Photographs and Oversize Material.

Use Restrictions:
There is only restriction on use to Series 03, Which is Financial Records.

Preferred Citation:
Museum of Fine Arts, Houston Archives. Ms88, Jana Vander Lee Archive.

If Jana Vander Lee is the photographer then she must be credited after MS88, Jana Vander Lee Archive. If the photographer is different than Jana then the name of the photographer should be listed with Photo Courtesy of Jana Vander Lee Following it.

Biographical or Historical Note

Jana Vander Lee´s involvement with Fiber Arts was encouraged by her mother´s and grandmother´s interest in the medium. One of her fiber designs is featured at the Houston Public library Montrose Branch. Jana also has teaching experience. She has taught at the Junior School at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston and at the Art after school program at the Contemporary Arts Museum.


The records are organized into 5 series and are arranged alphabetically at the folder level.

Collection Scope and Content Note

The collection includes photography, written essays, research, and correspondence. The materials reflect her involvement in both exhibitions and publications and are organized in the following series:
Series 01 — Exhibitions
Series 02 — Publications
Series 03 - Finances
Series 04 - Photographs
Series 05 — Oversize Materials

Subject Terms

Figurative painting, American — Exhibitions.
Painting, American — Texas — Houston — 20th century — Exhibitions.
Sculpture, American — Texas — 20th century — Exhibitions.

A Sense of Spirit
Figurative Dynamics
Houston Arts Scene
Houston Figurative Art
In Art
Sculpture ´86
The Houston Arts

Personal Names
Vander Lee, Jana


Container List

Exhibition Files
box 1folder 1Figurative Dynamics:Art League of Houston Call for Artists
2Figurative Dynamics: Art League of Houston Contracts 1994-1995
3Figurative Dynamics: Artist Biographies
4Figurative Dynamics: Artist Biography and Slide Checklist
5 Figurative Dynamics Catalog: artist essay- Kelly Alison
6 Figurative Dynamics Catalog: artist essay- Wayne Gilbert Essay 1995
7Figurative Dynamics Catalog: artist essay- Keith Hollingsworth Essay
8Figurative Dynamics Catalog: artist essay- Ron Hoover Essay
9Figurative Dynamics Catalog: Final Version 1995
10Figurative Dynamics Catalog: Introduction Essay 1995
11Figurative Dynamics Catalog: Introductory Essay Draft 2
12Figurative Dynamics Catalog: Introduction Essay Draft 3
13Figurative Dynamics Catalog: Proofs and Transparencies 1995
14Figurative Dynamics: Correspondence 1991-1995
16Figurative Dynamics: Mailing List
17Figurative Dynamics: Mailing List 2
18Figurative Dynamics: Miscellaneous Files
19Figurative Dynamics: Miscellaneous Files
20Figurative Dynamics: Opening Reception After party
21Figurative Dynamics: Photos of Artists and Installation Opening 1995
22Figurative Dynamics: Press Release 1995
23Figurative Dynamics: Proposal
25Figurative Dynamics: Related Miscellaneous Clippings
26Figurative Dynamics: Related Miscellaneous Ephemera 1974
27Figurative Dynamics: Research and Draft 1992
28Figurative Dynamics: Slides and Installation
box 2folder 1Houston Figurative Art: Catalogue- Artist Essays
2Houston Figurative Art: Catalogue- Artist Essays 2
3Houston Figurative Art: Catalogue 1984
4Houston Figurative Art: Catalogue- Correspondence 1983- 1985
5Houston Figurative Art: Catalogue- Draft
6Houston Figurative Art: Catalogue - Draft 2
7Houston Figurative Art: Catalogue- Raw Copies- including Draft and Artist Essays
8Houston Figurative Art: Catalogue- Research and Biographies 1972-1984
box 3folder 1Sculpture ´86: Artists 1986
2Sculpture ´86: Artist Entries Correspondence
3Sculpture ´86: Artist Entries
4Sculpture ´86: Artist Entries Late 1986
8Sculpture ´86: Bette Clair McMurray Foundation 1984-1986
9Sculpture ´86: Brochures and Labels
10Sculpture ´86: Business Volunteers for the Arts 1985
11Sculpture ´86: Call of Artists to show at Sculpture ´86
12Sculpture ´86: Clippings 1982-1986
13Sculpture ´86 : Contact List
14Sculpture ´86: Contracts 1986
15Sculpture ´86: Correspondence 1983-1986
16Sculpture ´86: Correspondence 2 1986
17Sculpture ´86: Correspondence 3 1983-1987
18Sculpture ´86: Ephemera
19Sculpture ´86: Exhibition Location: The City of Houston George Herman Park: Correspondence
20Sculpture ´86: Exhibition Location: The City of Houston George Herman Park: Draft of Symposium Catalogue
21Sculpture ´86: Exhibition Location: The City of Houston George Herman Park: Installation Logistics 1986
23Sculpture ´86: Exhibition Location: The City of Houston George Herman Park: Plan
24Sculpture ´86 Exhibition Location: The Lake on Post Oak
25Sculpture ´86: Exhibition Location: Water wall Park
26Sculpture ´86: Grant Applications 1985-1987
27Sculpture ´86: ICS Correspondence
28Sculpture ´86 :ICS Groundwork
29Sculpture ´86: ICS News clippings
30Sculpture ´86: ICS Proposal
32Sculpture´ 86: June 29th Committee Meeting 1985
36Sculpture ´86: Miscellaneous
37Sculpture ´86 Performance Art: Morning Coffee at Mae´s Café Sandy Ferguson Taylor
38Sculpture ´86 Performance Art: The Orange Show, Correspondence 1982-1985
39Sculpture ´86 Performance Art: The Orange Show, Ephemera 1982-1985
40Sculpture ´86 Performance Art: The Orange Show, News Clippings 1982- 1985
41Sculpture ´86 Performance Art: Stages Repertory Theatre 1986
42Sculpture ´86 Planning: Ephemera
43Sculpture ´86 Planning: Miscellaneous
44Sculpture ´86 Planning: Research
45Sculpture ´86 Planning: Schedule of Events
46Sculpture ´86: Press Releases 1986-1987
47Sculpture ´86: Press/Coverage 1986-1987
48Sculpture ´86: Progress Reports # 1-5
49Sculpture´ 86: 2nd Progress Report
50Sculpture ´86: Publicity 1984
51Sculpture ´86: Sculpture Information Requests 1986
52Sculpture ´86: Statements of Purpose 1985-1986
53Sculpture ´86 Symposium: Museum of Fine Arts Houston: Correspondence
54Sculpture ´86 Symposium: Museum of Fine Arts Houston: Draft
55Sculpture ´86 Symposium: Museum of Fine Arts Houston: Plan
56Sculpture ´86 Symposium: Museum of Fine Arts Houston: Space This Time Essay
57Sculpture ´86 Symposium: Transco Energy Company: Correspondence
58Sculpture ´86 Symposium: Transco Energy Company: Miscellaneous
59Sculpture ´86 Workshops: General Information
box 4folder 1A Sense of Spirit: Arconsanti
2A Sense of Spirit: Artist Resumes 1973- 1981
3A Sense of Spirit: Biographies
4A Sense of Spirit: CACH Grant 1981-1982
5A Sense of Spirit: Catalogue Manuscript
6A Sense of Spirit: Catalogue Proof 1980- 1981
7A Sense of Spirit: Catalogue Sales
8A Sense of Spirit: Color Separation Photos: Clyde Connell, Dorothy Hood ( missing), Bert Long, Jana Vander Lee Jesse
9A Sense of Spirit: Correspondence 1981-2014
10A Sense of Spirit: Clyde Connell Photos
11A Sense of Spirit: Complimentary Catalogues Feb.1982- Jan. 1983
12A Sense of Spirit: Complimentary Catalogues Dec. 1981- Feb. 1982
13A Sense of Spirit: Complimentary Catalogues Dec. 1981
14A Sense of Spirit: Essay- Clyde Connell
15A Sense of Spirit: Essay- Dorothy Hood
16A Sense of Spirit: Essay- Jana Vander Lee
17A Sense of Spirit: Essay- Bert Long
18A Sense of Spirit: Essay- Jesse Lott
19A Sense of Spirit: Essay- Earl Stanley
20A Sense of Spirit: Essay-James Surls
21A Sense of Spirit: Essay- De Wolff
22A Sense of Spirit: Financial Correspondence 1981
24A Sense of Spirit: Financial Budget
25A Sense of Spirit: Fundraising 1980-1982
26A Sense of Spirit: Dorothy Hood Photos
27A Sense of Spirit: Installation Checklist 2014
28A Sense of Spirit: John Perreault
29A Sense of Spirit: Jana Vander Lee Photos
30A Sense of Spirit: Jesse Lott Photos
32A Sense of Spirit: Bert Long´s Ice Sculpture Feb. 1982
33A Sense of Spirit: Bert Long Photos
34A Sense of Spirit: Miscellaneous
35A Sense of Spirit: Newspaper Articles 1970-2013
36A Sense of Spirit: Photos exhibited at TCU
37A Sense of Spirit: Publicity 1981-1982
38A Sense of Spirit: Reviews 1981-1982
39A Sense of Spirit: Earl Staley Photos
40A Sense of Spirit: Statement of Purpose
41A Sense of Spirit: James Surls Photos
42A Sense of Spirit: Tour-Museums Contacted 1981- 1982
43A Sense of Spirit: Texas Commission Correspondence 1980-1981
44A Sense of Spirit: Texas Commission (Not Signed) 1981
45A Sense of Spirit: Texas Commission Planning
46A Sense of Spirit: Texas Survey, Contracts, Copyright 1981-1982
47A Sense of Spirit: Dee Wolff Photos
box 5folder 1Frank Martin: Exhibition and Tribute 1 1994-1998
2Frank Martin: Exhibition and Tribute 2
3Frank Martin: Frank At First
4Nine in Fiber: Houston 1990
5Shigeko Speak 1989
Publication Files
box 6folder 1Artspace: Essay- Abanknowicz 1983-1984
2Artspace: Essay- Clyde Connell/Gael Stack Correspondence 1983
3Artspace: Essay- Clyde Connell/Gael Stack Ephemera
4Artspace: Essay- Clyde Connell/Gael Stack Hinged on Time draft Fall 1983
5Artspace: Essay- Clyde Connell/Gael Stack- News clippings
6Artspace: Essay- Clyde Connell/Gael Stack- Photographs
7Artspace: Essay- Houston Figurative Art Winter 1983
8Artspace: Essay- Max Pruneda and Bob Camblin (Unpublished) 1984
9Artspace: Essay- Max Pruneda and Bob Camblin Correspondence
10ArtSpace: Essay- Texas Art: Hot and Heavy Fall 1982
11ArtSpace: Essay- Texas Sculpture: Import/Export Winter 1982
12ArtSpace: Essay- The Workings of Necessity 1983- 1985
13ArtSpace: Reviews of Charles Schorre, Ibsen Espada, Earl Staley, and Dorothy Hood 1983-1984
14ArtSpace: Spring Issue 1987-1990
15ArtSpace: Summer 1983 Draft 1981-1983
15ArtSpace: Summer 1983 Draft 1981-1983
15ArtSpace: Summer 1983 Draft 1981-1983
box 7folder 1i.e.: Benefit Premiere Issue and General Correspondence 1991
2i.e.: Copy Fall 1991
3i.e.: Correspondence 1991-1995
4i.e.: Entry Information Stationary
5i.e.: Ephemera
6i.e.: Fall 1992
7i.e.: Fall/Winter 1993
8i.e.: Magazine articles research
9i.e.: News clippings
11i.e.: Premiere Issue: 1991
12i.e.: Spring 1992
13i.e.: Spring 1993
14i.e.: Spring 1994
15i.e: Studies in Dream Time News Release December 1993
16i.e: Subscription/Part Lists 1993
17i.e.: Summer 1991
18i.e.: Summer 1992
19i.e.: Summer 1993
20i.e.: Winter 1992-1993
box 8folder 1In Art: Mark Diamond: Double Edge May 1987
2In Art: Carolyn Florek: Flourishing October 1987
3In Art: Floyd Museum 1986
4In Art: Houston Weavers June 1986
5In Art: March 1988
6In Art: Musik/Strohl Reconsiderations: Noguchi, Stanley, And Bott
7In Art: Tacey Tajan: Full Focus June 1987
8In Art: Third Coast or 3rd rate
9In Art: Sculpture ´86 1986
box 9folder 1Siren: April 1990 Issue
2Siren: August 1990 Issue
3Siren: Essay- Earlie Hudnall May/June 1992
4Siren: February 1991 Issue
5Siren: December 1990 Issue
6Siren: October 1990 Issue (Missing)
7Siren: July 1990 Issue
8Siren: June 1990 Issue
9Siren: March 1991 Issue
10Siren: May 1990 Issue
11Siren: May 1991 Issue
12Siren: November 1990 Issue
13Siren: On View: Four A Change
14Siren: September/October 1991 Issue
15Siren: September 1990 Issue
box 10folder 1Art Voices: 1981
2Art Voices: Related Clippings
3CAM: ArtTex-Net
4Houston Press: 1990
5Lone Stars/Texas Sculptors International Sculpture 1985
6Public News: April 25,1990
7Public News/Articles related Clippings
8SLS: ArtTex Net 1997
9Transportation Summer 1997 ArtTex Net 1997